Fighting the PMS urge to eat today…

Fighting today and half winning and half losing. I want chocolate and steak today and that is killing me.

I have been pretty good not eating all day long but I have given into a nice steak for lunch and a whole caramel candy bar I bought from a fund raising event. I would feel guiltier but it was so incredibly good I can’t feel that guilty yet. I am glad these PMS cravings only last like 1-2 days because it is killing me.

I am not going to kill myself today for giving in a bit as I have been on a very good track for a long time and it is OK to cheat a bit and give in every now and then. This way we don’t want to binge all the time because we are not totally depriving ourselves of guilty pleasures.

I can’t wait till tomorrow so these cravings will pass. It is funny how incredibly hard it is to ignore them.

My 4 year olds night terrors…

My daughter has had night terrors since about 2 ½ years old but they were very spread apart. Lately she has been having them rather frequently. She has been having them every 2-3 weeks. It never fails; she seems to have them on the nights that I go to bed early.
I talked to a friend today and she said that the worst thing you can do is talk to the child while they are having these. My husband and I constantly try to ask her what is wrong and she goes hysterical. I guess I will try anything so maybe just holding her or lying with her may help her calm down more?

Anyone have any suggestions? It is so hard to be dead tired in the middle of the night and not get upset when she does this. I would like to know what works before our second child goes through this faze. Anyone else heard anything that works?

Debbie Meyer’s Green Bag review…

I decided to try Debbie Meyer’s Green bags because I was sick and tired of my fruits and vegetables spoiling before I got a chance to use them.
My review:

I totally LOVE them for vegetable, they are great. The vegetables last at least the entire 2 weeks between pay checks and I love that they stay fresh. I do not like them for avocados though and I will explain as it is for the same reason I will no longer use the bags for my fruits.

Why do I dislike them for my fruits? There is something that the bag is made out of that actually seems to get into the taste of the fruits and it is nasty. I bought avocados, tomatoes, and pretty much every other type of fruit and they all have the same “bag” taste to them. I love bananas but not when they come out of the green bag. It only takes about ½ a day for the taste to get in there too.

It does not seem to be there when you cook the vegetables so that is why I still use them for anything that I will eventually cook. I have also noticed that the lettuce does not seem to pick up the nasty bag taste so I use them for my lettuce as well. It seems to only be bad with the fruits.

Our child’s education begins at home…

My 4 year old has been getting the education on the difference between the male and female anatomy ever since her brother was born. It is funny because it took her a few months before I got the question “what is that on Brahnan Mom?”
My husband and I talked about this before the baby was born because we knew he was a boy and that we would have many toddler questions. However, my husband and I husband do not see eye to eye on how to answer these questions. Some aspects we agree on but not all of them.

My husband asked me what we should tell Rae what the male anatomy is called, I said “uh penis, what else?” He said “I am not comfortable with that can we call it something else?” I said, “NO.”

Why are people so embarrassed to call it what it is? Why should we wait and let other people’s children and the school system educate our children when it comes to everyday life. Even though my husband said he did not agree with it I did tell my daughter that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. This reminds me of the 80’s movie kindergarten cop and it makes me chuckle every time she says it.

I know that this is an ongoing challenge for parents but I really do believe that as parents it is our turn first to educate and the schools and friends should definitely come 2nd or even 3rd or 4th. By the time our kids our old enough to attend school they have already been mis-educated and it is a nightmare to try and undo the mis-education they have received.

We should not be nervous or embarrassed to teach our kids. It has been shown time and time again that those kids that are more educated at home have fewer problems with teen pregnancy, STD’s etc and etc. I am not going to be embarrassed to answer my kid’s question. This only makes children stop asking their parents questions because they know they won’t get an answer or it is hard because the adult gets embarrassed and they rely on their friends. I don’t want them relying on other kids their age.

Is baptizing infants and small children the best time…

Let me say first and foremost that everyone has their own opinion and I do not judge anyone that chooses to raise their kids the way they do and I am not criticizing anyone’s religious choice, I am rather making conversation about choice. It has been a question in my head/heart for many years and I am simply just blogging a few thoughts about it.
I have always wondered why churches and those attending church baptize at such a young age and actually why we baptize children at all. If we are not “allowed” to disobey our parents and their choices until we are 18 (technically) then why do we baptize as infants and small children.

I know that the catholic religion baptize infants and the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka “Mormon’s” note: not to be confused with the fundamentalist Mormon’s) baptize at age 8. I am not 100% sure on all religions I am just familiar mostly with these two.

Isn’t joining something suppose to be a choice (a human right)? What is the argument/reasoning around baptizing such small humans?

I was told when I was 8 that I was old enough to decide if this is what I wanted. Seriously? At the time I just did it because that is what you do, I never thought about doing anything different. I remember getting a big party out of it and some presents and that seemed very cool at that age, but honestly I did not really get the whole idea. I knew what the church told me “sins being forgiven” etc. what sins I had at age 8, but never really understood the “choice” part.

I am just curious to see what others think about this and the reasoning behind it? I personally (my opinion only) will let my children choose their religious beliefs and if they want to be baptized when they are an adult then so be it. If they ask me before they are an adult and mature enough to be able to think through it clearly I will simply tell them that they need to wait until they know for sure.

I share my beliefs with my daughter and will with my son as well. I do tell them what I know about God etc and hope that they will choose to believe as well but I do not want to be one of those parents that feel like I have failed in everything if they do not choose the same as I do. As long as they grow up to be good adults and do not hurt others intentionally and have a strong belief system and learn faith then I will know that I have accomplished something very amazing with my children.

I know this is a loaded post and I don’t want to offend anyone, and I am sure I will, but know that is not the case. I have asked this question so many times in the past and never really got a good answer from anyone rather than “that’s what we do.” Seriously, this is the church answer I got for years.

Anyone feel free to chime in!

Need to speed this process up…

I need to increase my weight loss a little faster. I am starting to get to that point of frustration that it is not coming off fast enough. I know that I should not feel this way but I have a big dance concert coming up the end of June that I REALLY want to be thinner for.

I am still going to do this smart and without any artificial help so I just need to step it up to two work outs a day. Keep the Jillian Michael’s early and bring back my total gym later.

I did a measurement this morning and I have lost a ½ inch of my waist this week as well as ¼ off my thigh. This is good and I am not complaining because what I am doing is getting the job done, I just need to increase this numbers a bit more.

UPDATE on 5-17-2010:
My update to this post is on a new posted dated 5-17-2010

My picture of my 30 pound loss

So this is me at a 30 pound loss in 4 months.  Still have some to go but I am on my way.  I will be happy with it least another 20 but 25 would be better.  This would get me down to about a size 10 in pants and a Med. in shirts.  I am cool with that.  This is a far cry from the size 18-20 pants and XL shirt when I started this journey in Nov. 2009.  I am now in a size 12-14 pants and a Large shirt.

60 minutes of Jillian today, can I CRY now…

I was already so sore from trimming bushes and digging out my garden the last few days that I barely had the energy to start a work out today. I managed to pull it off though.

I actually did a full 60 minutes of Jillian Michael’s today and after about the first 15 minutes I started to feel pretty good. I am sweating and tired now but is a good sweat and tired so I am OK with it.

Hopefully between Jillian and the yard work I can get this weight off even faster.

Can vision change for the better the older we get…

OK so I am freaking out today, well not really “freaking” but I am so baffled. I think I may be my own medical miracle today and here is why.
I have had glasses since I have been 16 months old. I have had 2 eye operations to open up my eyelids, one at 16 months and one when I was 8 years old. I have had horrible vision always in both eyes, but worse in my left eye. I have a lazy eye that is my right eye (even though it is lazy my vision in typically better).

When I am pregnant, which I have been 3 times, I do not wear my contacts at all, only my glasses. The reason why is that my contacts tend to dry out a ton more when I am pregnant and it bothers me so much that I can’t see spending the extra money for the contacts.

It is a really tough time financially for us right now because we are on one income and a family of four with massive medical bills. I finally broke down and had my first eye test and contact fitting since I found out I was pregnant back in December 2008. I have always been a bit blurry in my left eye with my glasses but thought that it was just due to the fact that I am always a bit blurry with my left eye.

I got a new set of contacts 5 weeks ago and my left eye was normally blurry and my right eye was a lot clearer with them. When I went into the eye doctor she thought that maybe changing the contact in the right eye by 10 degrees would help. Yesterday I got the new contacts and my right eye is 100% more clear and feels great. I thought that maybe she changed my left eye to as it was so much worse and I could not see anything and was getting massive headaches from how blurry it was.

I came home from my dance class and took out my contacts and it was amazing clear in my left eye when I took it out and blurry in my right eye. I immediately put my glasses on and could see better out of my right eye but my left eye was as blurry as it was when I had my contacts in and it was driving me crazy. I went on and off with the glasses all night long and got such horrible headaches from wearing them and not wearing them and each was due to a different eye when I had the glasses on and off.

I figured that when I got up this morning things would be back to normal as maybe I scratched my eye or something. When I got up this morning I put my glasses on and the same problem exists as last night. I cannot see any eye irritation from and infection or from a scrape. I called my eye doctor and they told me that my left eye contact did not change at all. Baffling? Aw yes! I have an appointment at 11:00am tomorrow.

I decided to try and wear my right contact only and nothing in my left eye since I cannot even do glasses with the left eye right now. Wouldn’t you know it; my vision is pretty darn clear with only the right contact in? This is so strange.

So did my eyes change during pregnancy like they say? Did I just not notice it because I was so use to the blur with my glasses? What happened in less than half a day going from the first pair of contacts to the second? I am so baffled and dumb founded right now. Will this change last, will I only have to wear one contact now and if so for how long? I am just overwhelmed with question and concern today. It would be nice to only have to pay for one contact instead of two, but the frustrating part is that if this is a permanent change then I cannot get any relief with glasses anymore which is nice to wear instead of contacts sometime?

Update tomorrow after the eye doctor. I would LOVE to know if anything similar has happened to any of you. I have heard of eyes getting better, but this fast? Who knows!

Trimming bushes day two & Jillian…

Today I finished the major trimming of the bushes, which took about 2 more hours. I was trying to beat the rain storms and had to go in and out during a couple different storms. My 4 year old came out and helped me clean up all the “trees” when I was done and it was so darn cute. She was so excited to help me. It took about 30 minutes of bending over and hauling the bush tops over to my deck and making a few huge piles that I need to get rid of this weekend.
I proceeded to come in and do a 40 minute work-out (Jillian Michael’s work out I have pretty much memorized) while watching Jamie Olive’s food revolution. Btw it is my absolute new favorite show ever! I did not even get to exhausted which surprised me. I thought for sure I would be dead to the world tonight but oddly enough I am doing pretty well. I did take a bit of Motrin because the bending over did strain some new muscles but all in all feel pretty good.

We will see how this yard work along with Jillian Michaels helps drop the inches. I love that I am starting to feel so good and not so totally dead after doing some physical activity.