My biggest loser work out

OK so if anyone has a hard time getting motivated to work out may I suggest watching the biggest loser on TV or they have episodes on the Internet.

I cannot sit and watch that show I feel too guilty!  I have been up moving around, cleaning closets, sweeping the floor, clearing tables etc. while I listen/watch the show.  It gets me pumped up to get off my butt!

I did this with the summer episodes of Losing it with Jillian too, big motivator!

Spend money to receive money?

One thing that Joe Vital says in his Missing Secret CD’s is that he has told the universe that if he spends money he will receive money.  One example he uses is that there was a woman that needed some type of machine for her sick child and it was $15,000 (don’t quote me on the price, I think that was it).  Well he was helping her find the money and then decided that he should just send it because he could.  A few days after sending the check he received a bunch of money from somewhere else and he ended up getting more than the $15,000.  Part of his positive thinking is that if he spends money he will receive money.  He is magnetizing money I guess.

Well…not that I think that you should just spend the rent and bill money and have this attitude but I am changing how I spend money.

I am the queen of “we can’t have any fun cuz we have no money,” or “I wish we could afford a date night” etc.  I have changed that over the past couple weeks and have decided that we do deserve a treat here and there and if we have to spend our last few dollars to do that then we will.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of things to do that do not require money, but reality is that we do need to spend money on ourselves every once in a while and not feel guilty about it.

I did end up getting a $400 check a few days ago after our account hit $8.45 and that was definitely a huge plus.  We went to kings island (we have season passes) and I did not go without lunch because I was afraid to spend, and I just got notice from our bank that we are getting our relocation credit and it is a thousand dollars we will receive by Thursday’s mail.

I know I will always pay the bills first but I am not going to allow money to rule my whole being anymore.  I may not be receiving millions of dollars but so far we are being taken care of because we are taking care of ourselves!

catnip/mint tea for teething

My poor 13 month old baby has had a horrible time cutting his two molars this last week and a half.  They are such hurtful teeth to push through.

He seems to get all the symptoms when he cuts teeth: fever, constipation, fussiness (of course).  He had a fever for 3 days and has not been able to go to the bathroom other then urine for almost 4 days.

My aunt and Uncle were here last week and they said to make him catnip tea with a pinch of mint tea in it with a dropper (1-2teaspoons).  Well it won’t hurt his so I gave it a try.  Here is what it looks like

Well they said it should make him “explode” about 30 minutes after taking it and then it would make him sleep all night.  It did not help him poop at all but it did help settle his stomach enough to get some good sleep.  Still up once or twice but far better then the once every 20-30 minutes he was before.
Has anyone tried this?
I then got rid of the catnip part and decided to give him straight up mint tea for the last 3 nights and he has slept pretty good.  They gave me mint tea after my c-section which helped a lot so i figured it should help him too.
He still had not pooped at all so I gave him a big thing of prunes and it seems to be helping a bit.  Mind you during this whole tea thing I have been feeding him fruit like it is going out of style, bananas, grapes, plums, you name it he has had it.  The fruit was not helping at all but the baby food prunes seem to be doing some good.
Poor baby!  Can’t wait for all his teeth to come in, so far we are at 10!

Plank position

I was at the doctors office a few weeks back and saw an article about some actress, can’t remember her name but blond hair and blue eyes and think (yes I know that really narrows it down).  Actually I want to say Cameron Diaz but don’t quote me on that one.  Anyway it said how this actress did not like to work out but to keep her core nice and tight she did intervals of plank position everyday.  Holding it for a minute or two and sometimes dong leg raises while in plank.

Well, I like to work out but am having trouble fitting it in so I have decided to add this along with my TV jogging for the next couple of weeks.  There is proof, my 4 year old is getting good at taking pics for my blogs so I have attached one.

I am going to see how long I can stand to hold the position and see if I can get just a few more seconds everyday.  Then add some leg raises etc.  Today was 132 seconds and then 4-5 small intervals while we tried to get the picture right.  My tummy hurts a bit!

This way I can squeeze in short exercise and toning while I chaise down my two kids, do laundry, and make dinner.  So far my stomach inches are still at 42.  I have not lost nay since my last inch but have not gained so I still have a number to use in my experiment.

Remember that if you want to do this to you have to suck in the stomach and squeeze the butt in order to get the full effect!

Not too shabby!

So I have not done a whole lot along the lines of actual intensive work outs for awhile but I did jog in front of the TV today for 20 minutes straight (without getting winded) and did some free weights for 15 minutes, and I feel good.

I was worried but I guess all of the moving and lifting has kept my stamina higher then it was before I started this journey in May.

I was just not in the mood to put in a work out DVD so I jogged to my kids cartoon program and it was entertaining enough that I did not get too bored and want to quit.

I will do this for a few days and see if I can get back to my 45 minute jogging in front of the TV.

A good sore!

Wow, long day at Kings Island and i am sore!  Good thing is that I burned a ton of calories today.  We initially thought that we would only be there for 4-5 horus but it turned into 8 as the weather was AWESOME!  High of 70, low humidity, partly cloudy, perfect!

The kdis had an awesome time too and I love to see them so excited on the rides.  I love the big roller coasters but even more love to see the kids get so excited.  I am sore but it is a great sore!

Getting better

Well still don’t have the best news we could have this week as far as all the cancer surgery but I am feeling a bit less stressed about it.  Talking to my Aunt on the phone after she got home from her surgery helped as she seemed really chipper.  I have and still learn a lot from her.  She still has 2 spots “of melanoma left that they cannot take out and she is more positive then I am.  What does that say to me…buck up Tawna, she is still here to enjoy her and expect positive outcomes.” 

Have not had confirmation on the other 2 in a few days but I am not doing them any favors being so down about it right.  So now I try to send good vibes to all 3 and positive energy as they need all the positive energy they can get.  So here I go this week with all the positive energy I can give out and then some!

Here is to a great week.

Oh ya I bought lottery tickets, wonder if I won!

Going to get unstressed

This week has been chuck full of horrible news.  I am taking control today and starting back on my exercise regiment as I need all the help I can get with my emotions.  So much bad news really can make you feel l ike sitting and sulking and I ca’t do that again today.

So I am telling you I am getting my butt off this chair and throwing in a Jillian Michels 30 day shred, level 1 since it has been a while, and getting my power back.

Here is to better news this week and some lost calories to go with it!

Exercise is so good for emotional stress!

Sometimes they just know

I have had a very hard week as I have been posting on my blogs.  Along with my back to exercising regimen I posted on my exercise blog, I am also feeling better all because of my 13 month old son. 

Kids are smarter then we give them credit for.  All morning long I have had one lovey little boy with constant hugs and kisses and it has been awesome.  Nothing like a hug and kiss from your baby to make you realize that not all is bad when things seem to be going downhill.  Thanks Brahnan, you are too sweet and I love you!


This is so important to me I am posting this same post on all 3 blogs today, please help if you can, thanks!

It has been a few days since my last post and so much has happened.

Had my awesome Aunt and Uncle fro Oregon here.
Passed my license test so I am insurance licensed.

Found out that many people in my life are battling cancer right now. On of the 3 had surgery and they can’t remove it all. The second is not recovering well, and may not recover from the removal surgery, and the third is holding a fund raiser to pay for chemo that the insurance company won’t pay for (OK Obama, health care for everyone right? where is his?)

All in all I am doing OK, I am trying very hard, and somewhat coming through, with positive thinking right now. It is hard, people i love are suffering and there is pretty much nothing I can do.

If you have a FB account will you please look up and like “Watches for Junior” and buy a beaded watch he is making? This is one way they are trying to fund his chemo and he has a stage 4 brain tumor, he needs treatment NOW. I would appreciate any referrals to others who wish to help to. Send everyone you know the FB link please.

Well, off to cleaning the house, playing with the kids, and praying today.

Have a good day!