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The Bank Transaction Breakdown!

OK so I am new to this lesson and thought I would share.

Let’s say you have $16.63 in your checking and less in your checking.
You have a $16.00 charge in the “pending” transaction for 3 days.
You have another payment of $75.00 check that goes through (you thought that the paycheck would beat the check you wrote but it didn’t).

Even thought the $16 has been in pending transactions for 3 days and you have enough to cover it, they put the $75 check through first and within “seconds” and I mean seconds, they post the $16 into your regular transactions.
What does this mean?
It means you get an overdraft fee of over $30 for both the check and the $16 charge.

Ok so I get that the check overdraft fee is legit but the $16 fee should not be. And the answer you get is, “well Mam, we always put the larger sum through first because they are usually the more important transactions like a mortgage, car payment etc.”
This is what I said, “I know I should be charged one fee but that $16 payment is not fair, it was in there days before the check!” The bank, “well that is our policy.”

So now, on payday I am heading into it with an just over $60 plus dollars in fees. Really? Is it just me that thinks this is scandalous? Thanks a heck of a lot XX bank and you 5 star customer satisfaction blah blah blah. I should not have been charged for the $16 payment as a negative! PERIOD!

Thanks for listening

CAN’T is not allowed here and is considered a bad “four-letter-word!”

There is a word that is in the vocabulary that, in my opinion, should not be there. That word is….CAN’T!
Seriously, have you thought about this word and what it actually means? I don’t think that I can venture on my mental journey and use this word hardly ever or AT ALL!

I had a teacher in 6th grade, well actually 2 teachers, and they would not allow this word in their class, EVER! In fact if they caught you saying it they would actually penalize you for it. I never really understood it to the fullest, but the older I get, I understand why now.

When I went to Idaho last month my brother would tell his kids, “give me 10 push-ups you just said can’t!” I have been trying this with my 5-year-old and she just looks at me and says “Mom, I can’t do push-ups!” WHAT! It is hard to get this point across to my 5-year-old but every day she gets it a little more.

This word is not longer allowed in my house, ever. I won’t even let my husband say it. It drives him crazy but I don’t care. He really is fine with it, it just bugs him because now he is realizing how much he says it.

Anyway, this is just another stepping stone in my positive thinking journey that will lead to many happy returns in my life.

I challenge anyone and everyone who reads this to take this word out of their vocabulary and see what the outcome is. I guarantee it is better then when you let yourself say it!

Have a great day!



FREE Huggies Rewards code and thanks AMAZON!

I got my box of diapers from Amazon today and am so excited. It only cost me $23.63 for 140 diapers. I swear, if you have not signed up for Amazon Mom yet, you need to. First off you get 15% of for choosing auto ship and then another 15% for being an Amazon Mom. This is a 30% discount and the diapers went down to .19 cents each! awesome!

Anyway, now down to business, here is the rewards code!


It does not always happen, but I love it when people actually let me know when they use the code. It  makes me feel good to know someone actually uses it!


Military Personnel can get DISCOUNTED and/or FREE stuff with Beachbody, cool!

Effective IMMEDIATELY Beachbody is offering all Active Duty Military Personnel, or their spouse, the opportunity to enroll in their popular “Wholesale Customer” program free of charge!

What does this mean to you?

●The sign-up fee will be waived. This is a savings of $39.95.

●The monthly membership fee will be waived. This is a savings of $14.95 each & every month.

●Your sign up fee = $0

●Your monthly fee = $0

NOW, when you purchase Beachbody’s Healthiest Meal of the Day – Shakeology or any of our award-winning fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, or TurboFire, you are going to receive a
25% discount.

As a member of Team Beachbody, you can also run your OWN business and add to your family’s bottom line each month if you so choose. Either way, the time to take advantage of improving your health and/or your finances is NOW while this FREE offer is available!

This program is dedicated to YOU! We recognize that this is a small gesture, but it is the least we could do. Please consider this a grateful thank you, from us to you – for all that YOU do. E-mail me at You can also visit my beachbody webpage for more information. It would be my pleasure to help you get started.

You can also call me and I will send you my phone number after I receive your e-mail (assuming I find that you are a real person and not a spammer!)

Have a great day!


P90X 2 is coming, whihoo!

I never thought I would make it through the 90 day P990X trial but I did! If you have not read my journey then search my blog because I finished the first round of P90X a couple months ago!


Now the SEQUEL is coming this Fall and I am so going to get it and try it, AND review it here!

Here is a short video about it

Just in case the video won’t play from  here you can use this link to get to it! Works best if watched from Internet Explorer or Firefox, it does not like Google Chrome much!

Soooo, anyone up for trying it with me when it’s out?!

I would love some workout buddies!!


I did not know there were wite ticks!

The above is a picture of my dog with a white tick embedded in her back. It was so sad:(
My daughter actually found it on her and we had to get it removed. I have never removed a tick in my life. I have to be honest, I did not want to remove it either

Thank goodness for my Banfield Pet Hospital pet plan because I did not have to do it, they did for free! Yes that was a FREE plug for Banfield. I took the dog in and within 5 minutes we were out the door and it did not cost me a dime!
If my hubby would have been home, he would have removed it, but since he wasn’t I decided to take her in.
We get her vaccinated twice a year and one of those is a lime disease vaccination so I am not overly worried of her getting much of anything from this tick. Plus I walked her for an hour this morning and she seemed fine, so we are good.
My hubby did spray the yard last night with a big spray that is suppose to get rid of “all” the bugs. Well we all know what “all” really means, “not all” but if it does lessen them I will be happy!
Now I have a happy tick free dog!

Have a great day everyone!

I can do this!

Just shooting a positive thought into the universe because I need it today!

“Just keep swimming Tawna, hard work pays off! Just because others do not always see you for who you are does not mean you are not worth it because you are worth it! Don’t give others control over how you feel about yourself!”-ME

Now off to a smiling happy day!


Can we say “BUCKET” of Fries?!!!!

I was at a local celebration for the US air force and of course there were a bunch of “carnival” food stands there. I ran across TONS of people holding these buckets of fries.

I was trying to get my own picture of this but it was dark and all I had was my cell phone. I just walked around with my jaw dropped to the floor, wondering “what the heck will be next a wheel barrow of fries?!”
This did not look good to me at all and I used to be a fries fanatic, way back when I was young.

When people seem to be shocked and wonder how the obese epidemic has gotten so bad in the United States, maybe they need to venture into some sort of festival or public gathering for a day, and they will see. I can’t believe that parents were actually buying these for their children. They were EVERYWHERE! I was so sicked out watching people eat these, I had to quit looking. It was like I could hear all the arteries screaming “NO” all at once in my head, as I watched people devour these buckets of fries.

I will never buy my kids or myself one of these artery cloggers, no thanks!

Peace, love and HEALTH!


OK so I don’t get the spamming comments…really!

I want to know what is in it for spammer’s when it comes to blog posts. Do they not get it? Do they really think that I am going to publish their crappy spam comments?

The messages are so stupid too and the English is usually so broken you can’t understand it.

I had word verification on and then I turned it off during a big giveaway and within minutes I had a dozen spammed messages to approve…well not approve.

The comments are so ridiculous that half the time they don’t even make sense anyway.

So I am wondering what the benefit is for these comment spammers? What are they gaining by getting refused and sent to “spam?”

Any thoughts, please chime in!

This a no spam free zone! I don’t spam and I don’t want you too either so back off spammers! Tawna is on the prowl!

I have a hypothesis.
I really think that the only people that spend this much time spamming have no life, no relationships, and no self-esteem at all. They have to be the loneliest and maddest, unhappy people in the world. Who else would go around trying to virus everyone (well besides the anti-virus companies) or spam everyone? You have to be a real low life to do this! Misery loves company right?

Have a good one and a spam free day! Thanks for letting me vent!