He finally ate the cake 3 days later!

3 days later my son finally eats part of his birthday cake.  He was unsure in the beginning again but started to eat it.  I think he was full on his birthday as this time I gave it to him right after his nap so he was hungry and in a good mood.  It is not that I want to force him to eat sweets but hay it is his first birthday cake and he deserves a little treat!

Finally a new picture of me

I had my 4 year old daughter take this picture so sorry if it is a little blurry.  I put on a pair of shorts today that I bought 3 years ago and they were too small.  I kept them as my first “goal ” shorts and I have them on today.  The funny thing is that I cut the tag out years ago and have no idea what size they are, I think a size 14 but not 100% sure.  I am proud of myself for getting them on. I think it is time to buy a size 12 for my next “goal” shorts!

Brahnan’s first Birthday videos

We were so excited for Brahnan’s first birthday and it was so much fun.  However, he did not take a liking to the cake which was a bummer.  We were hoping that he was just full and plan on trying it again today or tomorrow to see if he will eat it.  The video of him eating or lack of eating his cake is attached.  It is long but go about 3 minutes into the video to see his reaction, too cute!

I also am adding a video of him talking to his birthday balloons.  He eventually played with them a lot but it is funny to see how it takes him awhile to warm up.  Kids are so funny!

Moved all weekend again!

Well we have to be out by Sept 10 so we had this last weekend and next weekend and that is the last weekend we have to move.  We are exhausted but I feel good about all the energy we released yesterday.  Stairs on both houses, lifting heavy shelves etc.  I am sure I am going to Mrs. Buff Woman in another 2 weeks!

Save money on the birthday cake.

Have you ever stewed and worried if you would have enough birthday cake? People do not RSVP until the last minute or not at all and you wonder, “Do I have enough cake?”

This happens to me every birthday and I learned something at my daughter’s 4th birthday party that I am doing again today for my son’s first. Cupcakes! They are inexpensive, easy, and everyone loves them. In fact for my daughter’s birthday party I ran out of cupcakes first and had cake left over!

It cost me about $3 to buy the ingredients (conffheti cupcakes seem to be a big hit) and 5 minutes to mix, 18 minutes to cook, 15 minutes to cool, 10 minutes to frost and sprinkle. Not a big deal as you can see and it works! Plus it looks awesome on the decorated party table in addition to the cake.

Save some money on the cake, buy the small one and add the cupcakes. Everyone is happy!

Feeling positive and healthy today

As I published yesterday, my head is really taking a toll on my weight loss.  I was listening to more of Joe Vitale last night and he has lost alot of weight using the secret strategies of a positive universe.  I have been really motivated lately and today I am changing up how I view myself.

When I looked at myself in the mirror today I did NOT see FAT!  I looked in the mirror and saw a woman who is becoming very healthy and achieving her goal.  I am telling myself, and it is making me feel good, that I am healthy and doing the right things, and I look great!

This is making me want to eat the right things and stay active, seriously!  Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself only attracts healthy choices and I really feel good today.  I am no longer focusing on what I need to lose but rather what I have already lost.  I have lost a great deal of weight and inches since November and my body is changing for the better and this is a huge step for me.

I am taking hold of my positive body image today and for the rest of my life!

Feeling awesome today!

I kept on listening to the CD by Joe Vitale last night and I am still energized and feel great!  I am in a good mood, not letting things get to me, I am just happy.  It is also my sons first birthday today and the poor kid has got 100+ kisses today, songs, and dancing. He is having a great time!

Dance recital video

Yes I still dance!  Here is our tap dance from the June 2010 dance recital.  I was taking at the Miami Valley Dance Studio in Fairborn, OH.  It was a lot of fun.  Some awesome woman dance with me-oh and 1 man of course!  Enjoy!

I start out in the very back row left (but stage right)  It is hard to see.

Daughter trying to revert back, oh no she won’t!

I blogged about how we got our daughter to stop sleeping with us and it has been successful for a while, here is that post in case you are interested, http://btrbb.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-plan-to-stop-my-4-year-old-from.html

We have a a bed free of a four year old since this day but the last couple nights she has cried herself to sleep in her bed because she wants to be in ours. I have not given in, which has been hard, but I feel like a horrible Mom when she cries herself to sleep.

We know that if we let her back in our bed we will be stuck at square 1 again and we just can’t go there. I hope this passes quickly when she figures out we aren’t going to give in.

We wish that we could just cuddle with her while she is sleeping every now and then and not have it lead to a nightly episode. We both kind of miss her in our bed for that reason, but it is nice to have our alone time too. Such a hard decision!