My P90X Journey!

I hope you will share!

One day my back will look like the woman’s in my banner ad, I SWEAR IT WILL!! LOL

I have done P90X in it’s entirety and I have reviewed it extensively in separate blog posts

Links to my review, from my blog are below!

People that, in my opinion that would like/love P90X

* Someone who is at a weight loss plateau, this will boost it back up big time!

* Someone that wants to get strong. I don’t mean just bulky muscles, but stronger muscles. Some women like to be strong and not bulky (well me anyway and I am a woman). I felt so good and strong and felt like I could wear sleeveless clothes and not be embarrassed of the jiggly fat

* Someone that wants to burn more calories at rest. Building muscle does just this!

* Someone that wants a variety of workouts so they don’t get bored (this has a ton!)

* Someone who is not scared or intimidated to try something new. Your at home so who cares what you look like, you will get better every day. I noticed a huge difference within the first 3 weeks!

* Someone who does not think they they need to be “perfect” before they start working out. Seriously, I have heard this. “I am not strong enough for that workout yet.” Hmm, isn’t that bassakwards. Aren’t you suppose to workout to get strong? Again you are at home, if you can only go down about 1-2 inches in your push-ups WHO CARES, by the end of the 90 days you may be 3 times that far!

**Click the image above, or check out my Beachbody tab, if you are interested in P90X or any other Beachbody workout!

My journey is detailed and shared with my P90X journey category on htis blog nad you can view ALL htose posts here!

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