I got to meet my blogging BFF face-to-face! Pure awesomeness!

I got to meet my blogging BFF and she wrote an awesome post about our meeting with pics! Go ahead and check it out! She rocks!!!
My Journey With Candida Blog: I Want To Introduce You To My Blog Friend Tawna: ” Tawna and I met online over a year ago through our blogs. Tawna writes the blogs, Tawna’s Journey To A Healthiier Me, Random Thoughts…”

My son’s favorite show….ARGH!!! Why ME?!!

My son was asking for me to put on a show, in the only way a 23 month old knows how. “Mommy show, woof woof.” I figured this meant a dog show. I got onto Netflix and scrolled through the instant que and found a few dog shows. I tried them and he yelled “no, no, ymaw, no.” He calls me ymaw, so cute!

I know what he wanted and I was so trying to avoid it but after the 6th show… Continue reading

Starting another round of P90X with a new buddy!

AGAIN! It’s not just a MAN’S workout!

I was in the middle of the LEAN 90 days of my second round of P90X when my hubby kind of dropped off the workout routine. I still worked out everyday but not always the “X” and it bummed me out a bit. Since he was not doing it with me, it was hard to do it at night like we were because we would get to doing other things.

My friend has committed though and I am excited. This is how we are going to do it! Continue reading

My NEW website, please check it out!

I finally got a website up. It is VERY basic, but I am doing  it myself and have a ton to learn! This is a start it least! I hope you will check it out! Here it is

I have posted a few new youtube videos and they are linked on the website as well. I hope that I can entertain you all!!

Website is still under construction, however most things are up and running! I change things daily:)