Long time no post…

Wow, it has been crazy around my world. Packing like a mad woman to move. Husband is doing all the grunt work while I am in Utah. Boise tomorrow for 2 weeks, then Canada, Vegas and back to Utah.

I ran our 2 flights of stairs while I was packing over a dozen times a day but still was up 2 pounds when I weighed myself on Tuesday when I got to Utah. I guess this really shows how fast food can put that weight on even with working out.

Happy to say that as of this morning, Sat, I am down 3. I am feeling better about that as I was very depressed about the 2 gain so if I look on the bright side I am down 1 since my last post about weight.

My goal this trip is to lose at least 10 pounds. I am not sure what that will be in inches, but will figure it out as I go along.

It is hard to keep gong when you are moving and traveling so here goes a good try.

My son loves lady bugs!

So the other day I was doing a garage sale and I had my step daughter Meagan come over and help me watch the kids.
I came into the living room and my son was crawling around, smiling and having a great time. He kept chewing on something and neither me nor my step daughter could find what was in his mouth.

I picked him up and put his back to my chest and with my free hand I dug around in his mouth until I found what was in there…..a lady bug, yes you heard me, a lady bug. The lady bug was still alive, crawled up my finger and then flew away.

It was so funny because while we were trying to figure out what was in there, Brahnan was laughing and smiling and making it harder. He would shake his head and chuckle and now we know why. The lady bug must have been tickling his mouth while crawling around in there. It is pretty gross but pretty darn funny. He was upset when we took it out for a couple minutes too.

Avoiding the “eviction” from the foreclosure

So I initially said that we had at least 60 days to be out of our house after the bank bought it back at the Sheriff’s sale. That is not untrue but I am learning a couple more things that I was not aware of before.
Having an eviction on your record is definitely not a good thing when you are looking to rent a house, which most people do after a foreclosure. It is definitely smart to stay in until the Sheriff sale but don’t wait until the bank gives you notice or if any buyer gives you notice. It is actually and “eviction notice” they give you and that looks really bad when renters run your background check. Leaving willingly looks a lot better.

So this is my week; tonight dress rehearsal, Friday and Sat. dance concert Friday and Dat. Day from 7-4 garage sale (since we are downsizing to half we have to sell about everything). Sunday is father’s day and more packing. Monday last day here to pack and Tuesday I fly to Utah for 6 weeks and my husband has 2 weeks to move us out to a new house. Hmmmmm, what shall I do with my free time!

Very stressful busy week and cannot wait for Tuesday night when I can walk in my parents door and say, good night! Mind you we get there at around noon Mountain time but I am pretty sure after this week and me on the plane by myself with 2 kids 4 and under, I may sleep from noon till the next day!

SCREEEEEEAAAAAAAMMMMM! This too shall pass, right?

Horrible two weeks can get better…it’s the simple things

OK so the house was bought by the bank and we have 60 days. I am stressing with the time line because I am going to be gone almost all those 60 days and my husband will have to move us. I have almost exactly one week to pack our entire 2000 square foot house. So my positive thinking, per my last post, has been “sucking.”

However, I do have a new outlook and even though it feels like we are hitting rock bottom, I feel like I am going to bounce up before I skin t hose rocks. Reason…Not really sure but I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Even though I was terribly busy packing today I did take time to do a craft with my 4 year old, which I do not do enough, and this made me relax and we had a good time. I posted pictures of her and the craft on my other blog:

The flowers we made turned out really cute and she is super excited which made me feel good.

Second thing that took my mind to a better place was my 9 ½ month old son. He is so cute and today he held his bottle for the first time. Yes I know, those of you that are not parents are thinking, “big deal.” But honestly it was a monumental moment of triumph and me and my husband actually smiled and laughed for the first time in just over 2 weeks. See here is the boy’s very first moment of the bottle holding moment

See what I have learned today is that even though my life seems to being going downhill fast, it is also climbing. There is a reason why we are sacrificing my income and moving into a smaller place and you are looking at one of them in the above picture of my beautiful son. The second reason (really they both tie for the first reason) is my wonderful daughter who is growing up into a beautiful young lady. This “crap” we are going through is going to be temporary and I am going to remind myself every day until it sinks in that this too shall pass.
We will not be like this forever, I know that. I get to go back to work in 4 years and with my degrees we will be better off financially and we will have peace of mind knowing that our kids know what we sacrificed to be a loving family. This is the choice that works best for us right now.  It may not be the best choice for every family but is for us and I am going to start accepting it. I am too tired to be depressed and upset about all the bad stuff anymore, it takes more energy to be depressed then it does to be happy.

My work outs are changing up for a week…

Well since I have to be totally packed in 6 days my work outs are changing drastically today and for the next 6 days. I won’t be doing much of anything except packing and stacking boxes for the next week. I think I literally ran up and down our stairs 15-20 times today so that should do me some good.

I leave next Tuesday which is just over a week away but I need to be totally packed by Sunday night or Monday which is pretty much a week from today. We have 60 days to be out of our house but in a week I will be gone for 6 weeks so as you can see there is no time for me to be doing anything but moving. I guess I better quit blogging and get back to packing.

My biggest hang up this week is going to be food. Who wants to grocery shop and cook when you have to pack your kitchen and it takes time to cook. I actually have had pizza twice in 2 days and my stomach is very much not pleased with me right now. I can’t do that anymore. I need to figure out how to eat healthy without stocking my kitchen and leaving a bunch of food to go bad while my husband moves us while we are gone.

My friend Margaret is bringing us an awesome dinner over tomorrow so that will definitely help. I guess reality is that I need to try and fit some more exercise in my schedule somewhere this week but not sure where.

Here we go!!!

House is sold…

So the bank would not refinance is nor would they work out a deal with us but they bought the house back and now have to kick us out, clean it up, then sell it again. Does this make any sense at all? We could have made the payments on the mortgage if they would have just refinanced us in the first place.

We were on one of those mortgages that the interest rate would rise every year for 4 or 5 years. If we could have gone back to the first year or even the second year’s payment we would not be in the situation we are now. I guess they can do whatever they want with the house now. We are packing and looking elsewhere.

I had enough packing with 2 young kids running around so my daughter and I took a break and made some paper flowers. I think it was something she saw on sprout the other day and I decided, “what the heck, let’s take a break.” I am attaching a picture of the finished product along with my cute daughter of course.

It was a nice break in a hectic day which followed a very hectic week.

The flowers were very easy to make. Cut out a flower and let my daughter color it and put it on a straw with some tape. Put different color paper in the center and taped that to the straw as well.

I made the vases with a piece of paper that I taped around 2 t-candles. The paper vase would tip over without them on the bottom. Smashed some tissue paper down in the vase and shoved the flower in. Both of them took about 45 minutes and my daughter thinks I am the best Mom in the world! It was fun and made my whole day better.

So far positive thinking sucks

So far this week, my grandma has been in the hospital with heart attacks and I am a mess and our house made it to Sheriff’s sale today. Is this how I get rewarded for my positive thinking? As you can tell I am in more than a little “bump” in my positive thinking I am in a hole!

I am still trying to think positive but it is not working real well, will keep you posted as somehow I need to get out of this rut I am in. Can I scream now?

Couldn’t stop the Sheriff sale today

Today was the second attempt of the city’s Sheriff’s sale on our house and this time the second time was the charm I guess. We have not heard if the house even sold yet but it did happen.

I am trying not to get stressed about it but reality is stressing me out anyway. I called the Sheriff’s office today and asked how I could find out if my house was sold and they told me to call back and gave me a number to call and of course no one answered at all and the web site is not updated. I realize that we are being foreclosed on but how hard is it to answer a phone and let people know how long they have to be in their home? Very frustrating!

Hopefully we will find something out tomorrow.

Doing better this week

I am glad last week is over but this week does have its own stresses. I am not allowing myself to get as down though and have been keeping up on my work outs so far.

I am still pretty tired and we have a lot of things going on this week and it has been hard but I have been lifting my 5 pound arm and leg weights for about 20-30 minutes, jumping jacks, jump rope, pushups and some abs work too. After I do that I have been jogging in front of the TV for at least 30 minutes. I cannot always jog at the same time I do the rest of my work out and the last couple nights I have literally jogged at 10:30 and 11:00 at night. It is difficult but I am forcing myself and I feel really good afterwards.

Tuesday nights are easy because I watch Living with Jillian and she inspires me to get off my butt and move. I find myself jogging her entire hour long show so that is good.

The work outs have actually been helping with my stress too. House went on Sheriff’s sale today and have not heard if it has sold yet, so I worked out a lot today to keep my mind off of it as much as I could.

Fighting the urge to start bad habits again

This past week has been HORRIBLE! I cried for 4 days straight and finally got some relief yesterday as I decided I need to leave the house and go take my mind off things and visit friends in KY. It did help a lot.

On top of being upset with my husband for a few days my Grandma has been and is still in the hospital because of heart problems. So far she is still here, but things are not looking too good. I absolutely love my Grandma, she is one of my favorite people ever and this has been really hard.

I have not been sleeping or eating well and this has made me tired and every time I tried to work out I would puke, literally.

I am feeling fat and nasty again and I keep going back in my mind “go get some diet pills.” I use to do this all the time in the past and I would stop eating and take diet pills. I got sick so many times and it really does mess with my moods but I would lose a bit of weight so I would go on them til I got sick them go off of them.

I guess I am just looking for any control this week and I know that this is not control but for a few days it felt like the only control I could get.

I did get a 50 minute work-out in today and I am hoping things get better this week and this too shall pass. Right? AHHHHH!