Weight Loss from Around the World!

I hope you will share!

Stories shared by my readers are listed below!

I WANT YOUR WEIGHT LOSS OR JOURNEY TO BETTER HEALTH STORY! The more sotries we get the better motivation for everyone!

If you have a story to share, I hope you will contact me! You can stay anonymous if you want or link back to your blog, pages, etc…

Guest posts from “weight loss from around the world.”

1. Miracle of Yoga

2. Connection Between Fitness & Cancer...this may not be a weight loss story but is such an important topic to share I felt it was needed as a guest post!

3. Weight loss the right way, from an average woman…her successful journey continues!

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16 Responses to Weight Loss from Around the World!

  1. Harmony H says:

    Yoga can make you feel so good afterwards 🙂

  2. John Hutchens says:

    very inspiring stories thanks for sharing

  3. nickie says:

    I love yoga its relaxing and has tons of health benefits.

  4. Dorothy Boucher says:

    I enjoy hearing and reading stories like this because it gives me hope that I can make a change in my life in someone else life… thanks so much for sharing

  5. Lesa says:

    These letters are awesome and inspiring, I need to take a bit of this motivation with me!

  6. Namrata says:

    I have to start doing yoga

  7. Dorothy Boucher says:

    love these stories and I am strugling with weight right now, its hard because I have no help. I notice because I am bored with life so all I have been doing is eating myself to death.. I can feel the pressure on my heart, I have gone to the dr’s but she saids nothing, I am starting to feel loss and I know I am at that age where I can be going through the change of life but I really don’t think thats it with me, I have always been skinny just these past years with nothing to do I have gone from 130lbs healthy running, swimming across a pond n so much more to doing nothing, sadness in my life is going to 224lbs now, maybe not a lot to others but for me, its a lot, and i can’t afford the proper machine to work out on, or a gym price is way to much, but I do know if I don’t start acting then well I don’t know, don’t want to think about that……….

    • admin says:

      I lost 25 pounds back the in the early 1990’s simply jogging in place in front of the TV. I would jog during the episode of the Simpson’s. It went by real fast too because I was watching something. If you have TV then your workout is free! It is hard to get motivated but once you start feeling good and it becomes a habit then it is really not that hard to keep motivated. I hope that you are able to start something. You are worth having around, healthy, for a very long time!!!

  8. Judy Thomas says:

    I love the sound of doing yoga to lose weight. I have COPD so do not have very high energy levels but yoga looks do-able. Thank you

  9. Karen Jaras says:

    I cannot wait until I am healed so I can try some of theses ideas.

  10. laurie damrose says:

    I love doing yoga,I have been known to do some before work .

  11. Natalie says:

    I never knew that about your posture!! I have horrible posture, and my mom always tells me that I will get a humped back if I don’t try to fix it. But I never knew anything beyond that was linked to posture!! Definitely will have to work on improving it…

  12. Lesa says:

    THese are some great and inspiring stories! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  13. sandy weinstein says:

    very interesting, like the links, i am not really over weight, but i like to be thin, i need to lose the 10lbs i have recently gained, the most i have weighed in many yrs.

  14. TrippyCusp93 says:

    These are so inspiring! I’ve lost 60lbs since last July and I’ve kind of lost motivation lately. Stress from college and life in generally has been getting to me but it’s things like this that get me motivated to get back on track again. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      I love hearing that you have lost 60 lbs that IS inspiring in itself! If you ever want to share you journey I would love to have your story here. If not that’s OK too. Thanks for your comment

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