Stouffer’s has lost my business.

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So if you Google the word proprietary in short it means that it is information on the nutrition label that the company wishes to keep secret or not divulge. Now the ingredients list isn’t  absolutely terrible in this Stouffer’s lasagna but now what sits with me funny, is the fact that their word proprietary means they don’t have to tell me everything in it. So USDA hear me when I say this is the dumbest law I have ever heard of. I just threw $14 in my trash and I will never buy Stouffer’s again. In fact I will not ever buy a package lasagna again. I usually make them from scratch. This was a quick buy because I had family visiting. The label said no preservatives ever and the list wasn’t terrible in the ingredients for a packaged dinner but of course it wasn’t because the real problem is with the word proprietary. My opinion the list is null and void and ridiculous. Why even have a nutrition label if you can get away with not divulging what’s actually in the product?

I was hoping to bypass the homemade lasagna because I was busy and I need to make a large portion. I guess that is not going to happen and I’m making one from scratch.

My husband and I sell nutrients online and we have proprietary blends but underneath the word proprietary blend we actually list the ingredients that are in the proprietary brand. The only thing that we can’t put is exact amounts of each item because they deviate a little bit every time you make it but, the ingredients are listed under the word proprietary.

So, if you have the word proprietary on any label for food or nutrients that you take and the company will not divulge what is in that proprietary blend

. Throw it out and don’t buy it again because if they don’t want to tell you, my gut says it’s not good for you or they would tell you what it is.


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