Am I sacrificing…?

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Someone said to me just the other day, “you must have a lot of will power to sacrifice all the tasty food you can’t eat now?” I did not really say much because something bothered me about that statement. I was not sure what it was but today it hit me. Am I really “sacrificing” food and taste? I also do not think that “can’t” is a correct word. A better word should be: “choose” to not.

Something I have found is that the healthier I eat, the healthy I crave. I know I have said this before but it is becoming more and more apparent. I have been learning to cook and flavor with fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, and fresh everything. I don’t make anything out of a box anymore. You know what; I actually am enjoying the taste even better as my food does not taste false and fatty anymore. I love the taste of fresh herbs in my dishes; there is a huge difference from using dry flavorings. I love the taste of the fresh vegetables too. Fresh onion is so much better then onion powder etc. I actually feel like I am enjoying more flavor and better food and NOT sacrificing the taste of the other food I use to cook.

I am feeling better about myself and learning new ways to look at life and this is amazing to me.

I have bought 2 cook books during this work in progress. The books are “cook yourself thin,” and “cook yourself thin faster.” I LOVE these cook books. It teaches you how to flavor and cook your food and keep the taste in the food. It makes your body feel like there is no sacrifice of taste. I have also learned this so well that I can now make my own recipes using their same methods and I love it. I do not use any other cookbooks anymore. My husband and child even like the recipes out of this book.

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