Beverage coupons to share

I hope you will share!

Still the perfect time of year to stock up on the beverages! If your kids and hubs are like mine they drink you out of house and home during these warm  months.

Enjoy and have a great day!

All coupons are shared with this blogger via escalate network. This blogger is paid to share them with its readers.

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I LUV Sharing!

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10 Responses to Beverage coupons to share

  1. krystel says:

    thanks for sharing

  2. Jenn E says:

    I tried the Dole shakers because of the coupon here! I LOVE them now!

  3. Dorothy Boucher says:

    thanks for sharing these with us , wish I had got here sooner lolll i do have to say though , when I go to look for something to comment on most of them say comments are closed, your blog is not the only one but how can you all ask for us to comment and then close them on us or not have enough for us to comment on…. I hope I am not coming off rude that is not my intention, I love talking and responding to everything , I just need more ………….. thanks Dorothy

    • admin says:

      Dorothy I understand and honestly most bloggers will shut their comments off on posts that are ol because the spammers get us in the old posts. I have been frantically working to open my own local retail store so i just haven’t been blogging like I used to so my comments are limited.

  4. lola says:

    arrived a bit late…. it wont happen next time!

  5. Karen Beckett says:

    Every penny saved is going towards a dollar earned!

  6. Karen Beckett says:

    My printer is broken so I can’t print coupons. I love using coupons to save money!

  7. bel says:


  8. laurie damrose says:

    I love the Starbucks,the others are great too.

  9. Nuresha Perera says:


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