Can we all do it?

I hope you will share!

I watch every debate, yes all of them. I don’t watch only the right or the left, you must watch all of them.  Visit each candidates, and their running mates websites. Read what “they” say they are going to do. Don’t stop there! Research what they’ve already accomplished or not accomplished. Don’t talk politics with friends or family. Most of them are only getting Factbook information and that’s what we are trying to avoid. In short, make yourself accountable to know something and not just follow something. Question everything! Don’t vote for anyone because everyone else is because that just plain cowardly.

Lastly, never and I mean NEVER, tell anyone who you vote/voted for. It’s only the angry unreasonable people that need to know and they don’t deserve to know your business. Tell them you voted for chocolate! They are typically only looking for someone to argue with so don’t feed that argument and just don’t tell them.

So this Blogger is off social media until it least November 9th. Well maybe longer because imagine all the hate that will be on their after the election. Doesn’t matter who wins people are very tough behind a screen and it will be a verbal blood war.

Share with everyone you know and let’s have a well informed country and not an ill informed country. Together we can make America what we need it to be without all the madness and hate.

Happy voting!

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I LUV Sharing!

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