Cancer and Money sucks!

I hope you will share!

This is just a venting post to make me feel better. I hate cancer. I know I am not alone on this one. I am losing my awesome aunt to it and I am unable to see here and all because of damn money. It is killing me and I am sitting here trying to figure out any and all options to get there, but when you have a $1300 plane ticket staring in your face it is hard to even believe that it can happen.

I don’t have much time and my gut says “get in the damn car and drive!” It would take about 20 hours but I am contemplating it big time. The issue is that it will cost me about as much to drive in the long run as one plane ticket. What the hell am I suppose to do now.

Sorry for the depressing post, I just needed an outlet tonight and I have this blog, so this is the outlet. I hate cancer and I hate money tonight.

I hope you are all having a better night then I am having right now.


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8 Responses to Cancer and Money sucks!

  1. Abbie says:

    I hope with whatever you decide on how to see your Aunt. Good luck! It is tough when things happen and money is an issue.

    Cancer – I hope there comes a day when it is eradicated from this world forever.

    • Tawna says:

      I got to see her! Just got back! Wrote a post about it on my other blog will definitley be giving her a lot of tribute on this blog too! Thanks! Abbie!

  2. Oh Tawna,
    I feel so bad for you!! Cancer does suck. Big time!
    You just left a post on my blog that you are on your way to Canada. Great!! Please drive safely. Love you… Terry

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  4. Angie says:

    Sorry Tawna, that does suck big time! I don’t have an answer for you, but I will agree with you on the cancer sucking part…it does for sure. And the money seems to come and go for us at different times too, making a lot of things more challenging than I’d like. Sending good thoughts your way and also to your aunt.

  5. Nicole says:

    Oh if I had any money to give I would! (out of work at the moment) These types of situations feel so impossible!

    I hope you find a way to your aunt!!

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