Following my morals will only help

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I was battling between a right and wrong choice last night and today and decided that there is not need to battle because the answer is to always stay within my morals.  I truly believe that if you have a choice to make, the only choice, is the honest choice.  I had to do this even though the not so honest choice would pay me some desperately needed $.  I wrote out my whole story on my weight loss blog since the job had to do with weight loss so here it is

It just goes to show that we are temped lots of times in our life and we have to be tested to make the right choice.  I truly believe that making right choices will only enhance my positive law of attraction and I do not regret saying No today.

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One Response to Following my morals will only help

  1. Xmas Dolly says:

    First all following you yet again. Anyway, I just wanted to say regarding hypnosis that crap doesn't work. If you do get the tape & listen to there subliminal messages – nope, that doesn't work either. There is NO lose weight quick scheme that works. It takes good hard work and will power to stop eating junk food. If you're the kind of person that gains weight looking at food like me that has to turn into a way of life. Until you make up your mind to that you'll keep gaining. If you change your lifestyle it won't.

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