Go to USPS or to a post office chain?

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I needed to send a priority mail box to Canada today because we sold something on e-bay. E-bay is really reliable when it comes to calculating shipping and I did not think it would be that hard to deliver, but it was!There is a mailing store a block away and I was excited to walk there and NOT have to drag my son into the car and deal with the long post office line. I knew that these mailing stores charge a little more but it was definitely worth and extra $3-$5 to me to have the convenience.

When e-bay calculated the priority shipping to the address in Canada it charged $27.95. Of course priority mail is more expensive out of country and that is what the buyer paid.

When I went to the local mailing store they quoted me almost $39 for shipping! I was dumbfounded. I asked the lady, “how much are your fees?” She said “oh only like $3-$4. I said, “well that is a lot more then e-bay quoted so I will take it to the post office.” I preceded to walk back home in the 90 degree weather at 10am and put the boy in the car and away we went.

I arrived  at the post office and was 5th in line and waited 30 minutes. However, the shipping was $27.95. Go e-bay you rock! They were right on!

These mailing stores are great for small packages and letters where the extra cost is just a few cents or a few dollars. When it comes to larger boxes or priority mail, out of country, stick to the post office!

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2 Responses to Go to USPS or to a post office chain?

  1. Abbie says:

    Thsnks for the tip!! I am planning to send something to Ireland. Good to know my options.

  2. My Journey With Candida says:

    I usually always use the post office. Probably because I only live about 3 minutes from it.

    It is so expensive to ship out of the country!!

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