Had an eye opening talk with a friend today

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Thanks for your phone call today Russ. You made me think a lot about my positive thinking dilemma and I hope you do not mind me writing about it because you made sense.
Positive thinking does help, you are right, as I am not thinking of the outcomes in the correct way all the time. Just because my son may have had a fever for 3 days does not mean that I did not “find the secret.” As you said, “we made it on our road trip safe and we had a great time with no issues.” Right!

My son’s fever did break for about 5-6 hours. This allowed us to feel OK with going out of town for the weekend. It did come back and my son was definitely in good hands, and our trip turned out fabulous.

With your many trips to the hospital when your kids were young, you told me that even though you could not change the situation with the kids, you could find positive things to be thankful for and this helped you get through all the many years of hospital visits and late driving.

All of what you said makes sense. So now my new goal is not to just expect everything to change immediately but keep finding that positive energy that is around me and keep it there so things do not seem so dramatic anymore (which is a big problem for me). I may not be able to change something right off the bat, but I can sure be a happier person.

Thanks again Russ! I love ya!

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One Response to Had an eye opening talk with a friend today

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    So true, Tawna. I always feel like an SNL skit when I repeat positive thoughts to myself, but I think it helps me to be more aware of the good and the positive that are around me.

    Great reminder.

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