Homemade Bugspray

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 As you can see from my picture I made two bottles however, I have a whole ton of ingredients left to make this over and over again at least a dozen times if not more. The oils themselves only cost me about $30 and the witch hazel and the distilled water were under $10 because I bought two bottles of witch-hazel and two gallons of distilled water so I still have that left too. 

Ingredients are:

equal parts of witch-hazel and distilled water.

30 – 50 drops of each oil; Lemongrass, Lavender, Cedar, and Tea Tree. I went with 40 drops of each which is like .4 of a teaspoon if you need help with the calculation.

That’s it! Put it in a bottle mix it up and use away.

The 40 drops of each oil barely even made a dent in my oils so I have plenty for my diffuser or to make this over and over again.

I’m usually

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