InterStim Dilemma

I hope you will share!

So it’s been a whirlwind I’ve had my interstim turned off for like two and a half years because I was having some pains and my urologist who kind of blew me off right after surgery, who only did one follow up with me, is no longer around. His old office wouldn’t see me because it didn’t take my insurance. So, I went without a doctor for two and a half years. Mind you anytime I called their stupid office during the first handful of months, I was pushed off to my Medtronic rep. My medtronic rep told me I was calling for doctor related issues, which the rep was correct. Pretty much my first Urologist just wanted me to be a number on his Stim trial list. Since 2010 he has seen me once, on my 2-week follow up. 

Now there is a newer doctor in the area and I finally was able to go in and see them.

Let me rewind…

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