I need to quit plucking the gray hairs!

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OK I have a problem I pluck out gray hairs out of my eyebrows and they are getting a little thin. I guess I need to start dying them to match my hair! If I don’t stop I am going to go eyebrow bald! See…

See all the gray hairs on the crown of my head too? If I plucked those I would be bald and the eyebrows are getting a bit thin too! ARGH, 40 and gray = RUDE!

You know that my Mom is in her 60’s and I have 10 times more gray hair then here. I am glad for her but sucks for me! Oh well, int he genes I guess.
Have a great day everyone and don’t pluck the grays! They don’t grow back, it least in my case, they just get thinner!
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2 Responses to I need to quit plucking the gray hairs!

  1. Abbie says:

    I have plenty of gray hair. I don't have any in my eyebrows.

    Unfortunately I don't have much in the way of an eyebrow. I have to pencil it in.

    I guess it is a part of getting older it stinks cuz I still feel like I am in my twenties.

  2. Terry says:

    Yep… you better quit plucking eyebrows. Most people who shave their eyebrows… never get them back. I forget what percentage it is…. but anyway… to get to my point.

    You keep plucking and you might be drawing your eyebrows on.

    I can't see anymore to pluck mine so they get pretty bushy before I talk my granddaughter into plucking them for me.

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