If you think your garage door sensor is fool proof…DON’T

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I have been guilty of assuming that the garage door sensor will work without me worrying about it or checking it.  I have even let my daughter run under the door when it is going down because I figured “the sensor will stop the door.”  This is probably not the smartest thing to do and I have learned my lesson and thank goodness I did not have to learn this lesson in a worse way.

How do you like this roll of box tape?

If you think this is not big deal, it’s just tape, let me give you the story.
The garage door did NOT go back up after it hit the tape, I had to re-open the door to remove the roll of tape, it was stuck big time, I could not budge it.  This same garage door in the past has went back up for piles of snow that got place under the sensor from shoveling and these piles were not more than an inch to tow inches in height and not much longer than that.  This garage door sensor has worked for a polly picket doll in the past as well so this tape should have more then stopped it.
Lesson learned, no way in Helena Montana will I let my kids run under the garage door again when it is going down.  You never know when the sensor will just NOT work!  It’s a machine, it can break or just not work correctly at anytime and I will not take it for granted again.
Some might think I am being extreme but I don’t think so.  Better safe then sorry!
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