Knoxville…the new LA?

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We were driving home from Disney World and we made it to Knoxville,TN just in time for rush hour traffic. It was actually just near the end of rush hour but I thought I was going to die in Knoxville that day!

Driving was so horrible and thought I was driving through LA for about an hour.  We got cut-off a half dozen times in 20=minutes. We were not going slow. We were averaging almost 10 miles over the speed limit and cars were cutting us off and passing us like we were going 10 miles under. There were a ton of jerks weaving in and out, tailgating, etc…it was horrible.

I would have never guess Knoxville to be  our LA in the Midwest but I now have learned the hard, and scary way, that it feels like driving in LA…and yes I have drove in LA.

Is there something going on in Knoxville I am unaware about?

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One Response to Knoxville…the new LA?

  1. Terry says:

    I know we passed through there but when I don’t drive, I don’t pay attention. Come to think of it, I don’t pay attention when I drive either. LOL…. not a good thing is it.

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