Last week of P90X, I DID IT!!!

I hope you will share!

Anyone know why I can’t gegt any html code, for images, from photobucket to work on here today?It has been a rough week, computer wise, so I have not been posting much. My computer is nice and reloaded though so we are now back on!
I am not in week 13 (LAST WEEK) of P90X and I can ID IT!” It is so close to P90X graduation and I am so proud of myself.
Yoga yesterday and core synergisitcs today and graduating on Saturday! WHIHOO, YAY, AWESOME, YAHHHHHH!

In all honesty, I am excited to complete it, and I WILL do it again because I truly have liked it. This is from someone who was/is a dance queen. I never thought I would like a more weight bearing exercise regiment but I do really like it. It is not all weights either, so I guess more then anything I like that you can change up your exercise everyday!

Another HUGE plus is that beachbody has been giving you options when viewing DVD workouts and you can have just cues, with music, without music etc. The P90X can get a little tiring of Tony Horton thinking he is the funny man so I have used the “just cues” option MANY times. Now I can do more than half the workouts just off the papers and not even put the DVD in, which I LOVE! The ones that do not come on the original sheet I am writing down myself and have been using them instead of the DVDs so I can watch other things while I do the workouts as I was getting a little bored with just the DVD.

All-in-all I give P90X a huge 10! I will post pics of myself at the end of this week and measurements!

Peace and happy working out everyone!

Thanks for stopping by today, I appreciate it!

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I LUV Sharing!

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7 Responses to Last week of P90X, I DID IT!!!

  1. Carrie says:

    Awesome job!! I'm inspired 🙂

    I'm also your newest follower from the Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop!

    Can't wait to see pics!ogyp

  2. LisaWeidknecht says:

    Hi! I'm here on the Cup of Joe Blog Hop. I'm following you and hope you will come follow me too!

  3. Tara says:

    Great job!! Can't wait to see the before and after!

  4. Terry says:

    Whooo Hooooo, Can't wait to see those pictures. Good Job Tawana!!

  5. Keli says:

    Great job!! I Know it takes dedication to do something like that. I want to excersice more, but always seem to come up with some excuse. I need to just do it.
    Congrats on graduating!! That's awesome. 🙂

  6. tawna6988 says:

    I can't wait to see you Sherri. You are smaller then me! I am close to the 170's but not there yet but I am fitting into most my 14 pants and shorts now and can squeeze into a med to but still more comfortable in a Large as I don't like the real tight t-shirts:) Maybe I will hit the 170's by the time I see you! I am happy being in the high 160's so I am close too! We both deserve new clothes!

    I am porud of you girl!!

  7. Sherri U says:

    Awesome!! Way to go!

    I am down 35 lbs since I last saw you. Weighed in at 175 on Sunday. Haven't seen the 170's since the year 2000! Finally went shopping for some new clothes and bought Size 14 bottoms and Medium tops. Just bought a couple pair of capris to get me through as I want to keep exercising and dropping weight. Draw strings are my friend as they fit longer! Even my exercise stretch pants are getting big around the waist!!

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