Mommy has a Crystal Ball

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Over the holidays I had my daughter convinced that Mommy has a crystal ball and I lend it to Santa for a couple weeks so he can check to see if she is being nice or not.  She has not forgot about this and it has been so funny.

Today’s conversation (one of many since Christmas)

Rae:  Mommy, does everyone have a crystal ball
Me:  No sweetie only Mommies do
Rae:  (thinks for a minute) Do Daddy’s have crystal balls
Me:  No sweetie only Mommies have crystal balls
Me:  But I lend it to Daddy a lot so he can use it when I am gone out for things.
Rae:  When I become a Mom will I have a crystal ball
Me:  Of course you will.  I will give you mine when you are 18
Rae:  OK Mom then I can see if you are being bad!
Me:  That is right sweety but Mommies are allowed to be bad when they are old!!

She is killing me with the crystal ball thing.  I can use it to my advantage all the time.  I know it won’t last forever so I am using it while I can!!

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5 thoughts on “Mommy has a Crystal Ball

  1. LOL — I like that, a crystal ball, great idea!

    I have my kids convinced that I can email Santa and give him updates on their behavior. My youngest has bought into this wholeheartedly and asks quite a bit about what I'm "telling" Santa about him 🙂

  2. I wish I had thought of the crystal ball when my girls were older. They are now 15 & 21, so I don't think I can fool them with that.

    Thanks for the visit!

  3. So stinking cute! I'm stealing this for my DS when he gets older… Oh man. Following back from Allegro Mama. Thanks for following!

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