Never been so hard to pay my bill!

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Have been paying the local hospital for about 6 years to the same address with no problems. About 3 months ago I got a notice that my payment was being forwarded to a different location and I needed to update it. I called the hospital and they were confused as they had no idea. They gave me a second address and I sent it.

I then waited…and waited…and waited. I have not sent a second payment because the first one to the new address never cleared.

I got the check back today in the mail. It had not been attempted to cash, there was not note…nothing. I have no idea why they sent it back.

So I called the hospital a few hours ago. They…again…no nothing. They said I should be sending payments to the original address i have been for years…really?

There is no way in hell I am going to send them any money in the mail again. I will have to call monthly to pay over the phone.

It is funny because they keep telling me I am late but yet they won’t cash my check. WTH???!!!!

I just don’t get it…I don’t have to…because  in the long run, they don’t really care. No matter how hard it is to pay a bill they still want their money on time. Gotta love wonderful customer service!

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One Response to Never been so hard to pay my bill!

  1. Terry says:

    Oh jeeze Tawna…. I am so glad that Dennis does all the bill paying. I have no want or need to have this kind of stress over a hospital bill.

    Hope they get it straighted out soon.

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