New DDR game is making my legs sore…

I hope you will share!

So I posted yesterday that I was very tired from my dance class and the total gym but I forgot one thing, my DDR. I just got a new DDR game for my Wii and have been doing it a lot, about 45 min a day. No wonder I felt horrible yesterday. I did not think about that. I am thinking that I need to do a DDR and weights experiment. I love the total gym but anything gets old the DDR gives me a challenge to “beat” something and it has a lot of new music on it and unlocking new music is very exciting for me right now.
I am going to DDR and hand weights before or after. I will come up with more of a schedule as I do it and see what works.

Another great reason to do this is that my daughter can do this with me and we are having fun quality time together and she is seeing Mommy work out. I am hoping that her seeing me at a young age working out every day will help influence her to do it every day as well, even after she is an adult.

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