No flip flops in the movie theatre please!!

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My husband and I do not get out much alone and when we do we try to take full advantage of the evening.

We have been waiting for awhile to see Harry Potter because babysitters are few and far between and we did not want to be at the movie with the millions of others so we waited a few weeks.

We got to the movie theater and it was awesome! We were the only ones in there until about 5 minutes before the movie started and then a family came in with two children and another couple, by themselves. Not a big deal, it was in a huge theatre and we were so happy to have an almost empty movie theatre experience.

Well…this was short lived. The night was rather frustrating and it all had to do with a young girl who was, I would guess, between the age of 10-13There were about 6 times this girl got up during the movie.  This may not seem like a big deal, and it shouldn’t have been. She was wearing flip flops!

I guess the girl thought she was being cute and/or funny, but every time she would walk out and into the theatre she would run. I think she liked the sound of your flip flops against the floor and you could hear every step from her seat, down the stairs, down the hallway, and out the door.

The thing is, I had flip flops on too and you could not hear me when I walked, so why did I need to hear her?! The other problem is that her parents never told her to “sh” or quit getting up. She literally got up about 6 times!

We were in the 3-D version of the movie and that ticket was almost $14 EACH! Really…why would the parents pay for their daughter to go to a movie she is not going to sit through. $14 to hear a flip floppy girl run around = annoying. So parents, keep your kids quiet in a movie or take them out! Tickets are expensive and no one wants to listen to your kid for $14! You could pay a babysitter $14 to leave them at home and let others enjoy their night out!

Happy movie viewing!


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6 Responses to No flip flops in the movie theatre please!!

  1. Abbie says:

    I loved the movie. Could watch it again but I hate going to the movies because I am usually surrounded by kids who are either talking or on their on their phones.
    If kids can’t stay in their seat, leave their asses home. Why ruin it for the rest of us?

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  3. Wow! I can’t stand it when parents don’t take charge of their kids and be considerate of others.
    I do know someone that would’ve totally called her out on it and told her to quit it cause she speaks her mind quite easily!

    • Tawna says:

      Looking back on it I should have it least said “shhhh” real loud, but I didn’t. wish I would have! It least that would have told the parents, uh annoying!!!

  4. LOL… Tawna, I hate the sound of flip flops. My Granddaughter wears them constantly and makes that sound every where she goes.

    I thought it was just me getting old and crochety, but you are not old nor crochety, so flip flops should be banned in movie theaters.

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