Not ever doing my own taxes again!

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I have always been the one in the relationship that has to do the taxes and I HATE IT!
I miss the old days when I could do the 1040 EZ form over the phone in less then 6 minutes. That was the time I did my own taxes and LOVED IT!
Now we have a half a dozen of forms to fill out and I get so confused and stressed out for days and I am always wondering “did I do them right?”
This year we had 2 more forms to add to our list and I did not feel comfortable at all doing the taxes myself. My husband was really pushing me to not take them into H&R Block because with all the forms it was going to cost almost $500 but I just knew I would be hating him and be mad for 3 weeks while I got them done if we didn’t.
Well I got my way and my husband is happy because we got about $1,000 back more then normal AFTER the $500 we paid for them. I knew I was dong them wrong!
Now I am taking in my taxes from last year and paying the $30 to have the same lady go through them and do the amendments if we will get more back!
I am in no way shape or form getting any payment or credit for giving H&R Block this plug, I am just truly happy I did not do my taxes this year and will seriously not EVER do them myself again until I am back on the EZ form or they get rid of taxes all together!
Have a wonderful day!
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  1. M says:

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    Following all 3 of yours!

    – the professionally insane m

  2. H&R Block - Courtney says:

    Hey Tawna,

    That's a wonderful story! I'm sure there are a ton of people out there that feel the same way about doing taxes. Those forms can be confusing! I'm so glad that you came to us for help with filing and we were able to help boost the bottom line of your refund.

    I'd like to thank you so much for being an H&R Block client with us this year, and we truly appreciate the faith you have in us for your tax preparation needs. Hope to see you for many years to come!

    Feel free to visit our Facebook page which I'll include the link to. You can keep up to date with what's going on tax wise, and with H&R Block and even participate by sharing your thoughts and experiences, or voicing any questions or concerns with the rest of our clients in our Facebook community. Our team is there to help in every way we can.

    Thanks again Tawna, great article!

    H&R Block Online Response Team

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