Orange chicken ARGHHHHH…

I hope you will share!

OK so yesterday I went to the mall, which I have not done since way before Christmas and we ate at the Chinese place in the eatery and I got orange chicken. It tasted so absolutely wonderful…for about 10 min. Literally, 10 minutes. My stomach was tossing and turning and I was moaning and felt like total garbage.

Well I guess my body is adapting to eating non fried fresh food. It did not like the greasy fast food at all. It was so not worth the 10 minutes of pleasure I tell you. It kept me feeling nasty the rest of the evening and this morning. What did make me feel better was my work out I did this morning, seriously! My stomach and everything feel better after my 30 minutes on the total gym.

I am DONE with fried food! Glad my body is not craving it anymore, yay!

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I LUV Sharing!

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