P90X 2 is coming, whihoo!

I hope you will share!

I never thought I would make it through the 90 day P990X trial but I did! If you have not read my journey then search my blog because I finished the first round of P90X a couple months ago!


Now the SEQUEL is coming this Fall and I am so going to get it and try it, AND review it here!

Here is a short video about it

Just in case the video won’t play from  here you can use this link to get to it! Works best if watched from Internet Explorer or Firefox, it does not like Google Chrome much!

Soooo, anyone up for trying it with me when it’s out?!

I would love some workout buddies!!


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I LUV Sharing!

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One Response to P90X 2 is coming, whihoo!

  1. XLMIC says:

    Wait… so it's different from P90X… *click*… PLUS? We have the regular and the *click* (that's tony making that click noise in his mouth, btw) PLUS… so now we need to get the Volume 2, too? Whew… anything to get a beachbody 🙂

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