Pay it Forward Friday…Becoming A Leaf Fairy!

I hope you will share!


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The leaves are changing beautifully right now and the kids are loving them! What is not fun for everyone is raking! We did have a leaf blower but had to give it back to the in-laws so now it is rake time.

I did purchase two small rakes for the kids but you know how that goes…5-minutes ya they are done. Well when they get older I will argue that but for now it is actually easier to rake myself and let them play.

So for today’s pay-it-forward Friday I will be the leaf fairy.

I have actually been doing this for just over a week. Pay it forward pic

I was hoping to do this without getting caught…so I tried to be sneaky and do it when it looked no-one was home. Did that work? Well…for the most part but I did get caught a few times.

There are a few single parents on my street, elderly, and just plain nice people. I tried to do it least one if not two people a day and a couple times I only got half a front lawn done, but I tried:)

It was fun. It was kind of exciting too because there is a lot of anticipation when you are trying not to get caught…lol

Off to rake more leaves before the snow comes in tonight…yuck! Nasty wet leaves are NOT fun to rake or jump in!

Have a great day and remember that I would LOVE to share your pay-it-forward story, no matter how small. May be small to you but probably not so small to the one who is receiveing!

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I LUV Sharing!

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