Plyometrics from P909X not a good idea 1 week after InterStim

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Today was plyometrics which is disc 2 of P90X well….made it about 10 minutes and my butt did not like that too much.  Too much too soon after surgery I guess.  I did not push it as I don’t need another surgery so I turned it off.  I will have to come back to that one in about a week or two.  Today will be plank position, some arm eights, and cleaning the house.  I shoveled the snow that only took 20 minutes but I could tell I was getting a good work out.

I wonder how long I can do plank after not doing it for a couple weeks cuz of surgery?  Let’s me see I will go do that now….

OK so I made it only 70 seconds.  Butt did not like that much after 60 seconds either, blah! Oh ya I am positive now.  Whihoo 60 seconds.  60 seconds will happen 3 times today.  Just because I can’t do it all at once yet does not mean I can’t break it up!

Will try P90X disc 3 tomorrow!!

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4 Responses to Plyometrics from P909X not a good idea 1 week after InterStim

  1. shannon says:

    You dropped a line on my blog and now I am following you too. Thanks

  2. tawna6988 says:

    Thanks Janine and Nan. Janine: I have been working hard on plank and it is paying off. Can't wait to get back to almost 200 seconds again!

  3. Janine says:

    Hi there. Thanks for visiting over at my blog. Wishing you all the best on your adventure to a healthy body! That should be on all our lists this coming year. I also really want to get to a healthy weight and lifestyle.
    ps – I am impressed by your 70 seconds of "the plank". =0)

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