Shared my Mormon/Utah heritage with Ohio yesterday!

I hope you will share!

OK so those of you from Utah will understand but my fellow Ohioins looked at me quite funny during my class yesterday.

I stubbed my toe in the middle of the night Sunday night and my baby toe was so swollen that it hurt to wear shoes with a toe.  I decided that open toe slip on shoes would be best.

The problem was that my feet were freezing the day before in class due to the air conditioner being turned to way to “freaking” cold.  I could not go without socks.  So, I did what I could do and wore socks with my open toed slip on shoes. 

Ha ha it was funny the reactions I got when I walked into class and my reply….well if you ever lived in Utah you would understand.  I am showing my Mormon/Utah side today.  I tried to explain how in Utah it is very normal to see socks with sandals and they just did not get it.  So in the long run I guess I looked like a dork but didn’t really care as my toe felt better and I did not have to pee every 15 minutes due to cold feet. 

Oh well!  I guess we take a little from everywhere we live right!

A shout out to all my Utah friends and family!!

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I LUV Sharing!

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