Shots = fever, yuck!

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I know why I get the kids vaccinated, but the aftermath is not always the most fun.  Today my poor baby has a light fever, whiter than normal face, and is a little sore.  When he only gets 1-2 shots it is not too bad but 4 seems to be dragging him down a bit.  I think next time I will tell them not to give so many at a time and do 2 at a time. 

The positive side is that he is still extra cuddly, which I love, but wish it was just because he wanted to cuddle and not because he does not feel good.

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  1. Noturavgmom says:

    Its always hard on a mommy to see their kids not feeling well. My littlest has a little cold and it breaks my heart to hear her cough at night. Hope the little one feels better. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to reading more of yours.

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