Weight loss time line

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I gained 15 pounds from 2003-2005 because my husband and I commuted to date… I was already 10 pounds over weight so this made me 25 pounds over weight.

Then I got pregnant in 2005 and gained another 25 pounds and only lost 11 pounds after birth and before my next pregnancy in 2008. I gained about 14 pounds in the second pregnancy and lost my baby at 23 weeks 3 days. Worst day ever! Through depression I did not lose any other weight after the baby was born. I lost only a handful of pounds after that delivery and I don’t recall exactly, but I don’t think it was more then 4-5 pounds. So in 2008 I was about 34-35 pounds overweight.

In 2009 I got pregnant again and gained a ton of weight. I went from 204 pounds to 268 pounds…I was huge!

I had to have a c-section and it got infected so I went from 8/27/2009-11/29/2009 with no exercise at all because I had to get my stomach incision packed every day. I was on bed rest for a long time. I did not weigh myself so my weight loss is calculated at the 268 pounds I was at when I weighed myself on the day I gave birth.

I am now 191 pounds as of 9/7/2012…77 pounds lighter and I feel GREAT! It has made me happier and that happiness has helped with so many things. I am still on a weight loss regimen. I don’t know exactly what weight I want to be but I still have that stubborn back fat and belly I want to slim down. If I go by weight I will go back into my not so healthy “eating disorder” mode so I am not picking a number. I am going by how I feel and how I look in clothes and naked (scarey).

I am also toning muscle and you don’t lose pounds on the scale when you do that but you do lose inches off the fat so I am way more excited about that.

How did I do all this so far…well, it really was not so difficult. I will elaborate in other blog posts but here is what I did to get to my 77 pound weight loss to date-short version.

November 2009 I started jogging in front of the TV with arm and leg weights. I would put in a 30 minute TV show, it was the Simpson’s and Golden Girls for me. I would jog for a few minutes and then march in place and lift my arms and knees really high. In January 2010 I was jogging for 45 minutes straight and stretching for 15 minutes as it was taking 2 short TV shows. I believe I lost about 10-15 pounds over those 2 months.

January 2010 I pulled out the old Turbo Jam DVDs. My favorite workout, at the time. I have had it since about 2003-2004, not exactly sure which year. I was also continuing the jogging in front of the TV too on certain days.

After a few months when it got warmer I started walking to the park with the dog and the babies every day, and did this into late Fall. By the time December 2010 hit I was close to 50 pounds less. No gym, no gimmicks, just getting off my butt. I hadn’t even really changed my eating habits either…I have never had real bad habits…I just like to eat.

In December 2010 I bought P90X and decided to become a Beachbody coach. I did finish P90X and lost 14 pounds during it by March or April 2011. I don’t remember exactly the dates but I did blog about it a lot and you can see those posts here.

Then I added in Turbo Fire, the whole thing one once and INSANITY, only made it half way. I ended up having a total weight loss of just over 70 pounds when all was said and done since 2009. I think I finished my round of Turbo Fire in the spring of 2012.

When I was not on a workout video I kept the walking and jogging and playing with kids.

Then I decided to join a gym in the summer of 2012 because I wanted something different. I was getting tired of the DVDs and they have free daycare at my gym and mama needs a break!

I am in my third month at the gym alternating weights and cardio 3-4 days a week and I am down another 7 pounds to make my total weight loss 77 pounds!

I quit doing beachbody coaching this week…I really loved it, but I have to many other priorities that take my time. I will still pull out my P90X, Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, and even have P90X 2 on the shelf I have not done yet. But for now I am enjoying the gym. So when I get tired of that I will be back on the DVDs or do both.

Today is September, 7 2012 come back to this post or subscribe for future posts as I will be updating as I am still going and going strong. Even after I get to my “perfect weight” I will have to keep it off!

If I can do this ANYONE can, believe me!

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  1. katherine G says:

    This is a wonderful success story. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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