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So I was thinking about this for the last couple days…will power. I have been told, and have said to others before, “I don’t or I do have the will power to do something. “ My mind has been questioning and pondering this statement for a while and this is what I have come up with, well this is what makes sense in my head anyway.

Is will power specific to each and everything in our life or is our will power one overall power? I am leaning more and more towards ONE, not a multiple power.

I have been changing my eating and exercise habits a lot over the past few months. I have been told by many people “I just don’t have the will power like you to change mine.” I use to believe that I did not have the will power either.

As individuals we have different personalities and different habits and I think that will power is more of a values and personality thing. I have the “will power” to not kill everyone that pisses me off or wrongs me, I have the “will power” to not steal when I go into the store so why is my will power different when it comes to my body and eating? I am starting to believe that it is not different. I obviously do have the will power because I am losing weight and changing my eating habits now, I am just finally using it. I really think that all people with a conscious and those that strive to better themselves in any way at all have the will power, but it is just a choice whether or not to use it.

I think that we like to use the excuse of “I don’t have the will power” because we become afraid to start something that is different. I also think that a lot of people are prone to being scared of failure and that causes the excuse as well. I know that I am a perfectionist when it comes to myself and this has definitely been a reason for me to be lacking in the healthy environment I am engaging in now because I was scared to fail and have to admit failure.

I am now finding it real easy to keep my power strong and keep up with the exercise and eating right because I am seeing results and liking myself more so it is making me excited and satisfied to see my results.

Every individual holds the power to do anything they want to do!

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