Thanks Guradian Angel…it could have been a bad situation!

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Wow, yesterday was an interesting day and I know someone was watching over me because I did two really not so smart things that could have turned out bad, but it didn’t. Giving a huge hug to my guardian angel today and a big thanks.

Here is what happened?I went into the grocery store where my bank was because I needed to deposit a check and some cash into my bank account. I have a van that has the automatic side door and if you double click the remote buttons on the key chain it will make them open or close.

So my son got out and I hit the button twice to close the door and we walked into the store. When we got into the store I had to get my wallet out of my purse to get my deposit. I sat the wallet on the little table in front of the tellers to write out my deposit form. I then made my deposit and we went right back outside. I did not do any other shopping…thank goodness!

I say “thank goodness” for two reasons.

First: When I walked out to the van I noticed something weird. Both side doors were wide open. I did not close my son’s side, I pushed the wrong button and opened my daughter’s side. OMG, I was freaking out. Both my phones were accounted for and thank goodness I had my purse with me, because many times I leave my purse by the feet of my seat.

So we get in the van…relieved.

Second: I drove out of the parking lot and decided to check in my wallet for something at the stop light on the way out of the parking lot…no wallet. OMG, I have not wallet…where is it? I immediately remember taking it out at the bank so flip a u-turn at the light and high tail it back into the store. I had my 3-year-old’s hand and we were literally running.

I got back into the store and walked up to the bank and the teller saw me and had the phone to here ear and hung up. She handed me my wallet. She had taken it off the from table for me and was literally trying to call me to tell me where it was. I know she was because my cell was ringing at the same time.

Al together I was only away from the bank for about 6-7 minutes but for someone who is not so honest that is more then enough time to take my wallet and run. I was so relieved. All was accounted for in my wallet…thank goodness!

I had also just paid of ALL my credit cards and close almost all those accounts. I had one credit card in there with a small limit so that was it…whew!

This could have been such a bad situation and it turned out the best scenario it could be. I know someone was watching over me yesterday…I am so lucky!

Have a great day!


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2 Responses to Thanks Guradian Angel…it could have been a bad situation!

  1. That turned out to be one lucky day for you….. Thank Goodness.

  2. Elisabetta says:

    definitely you are lucky and people aren’t so bad out there, angels live among us too ^_^

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