Bling phone covers…worth it or just pretty?

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I thought I would share my review on a phone cover I bought this last week. It is a good thing it cost me less then $10 because even though it is pretty, I don’t like it one bit:)

I bought this phone cover on e-bay and like I said it was under $10 even with shipping. It is a nice pretty diamond looking “bling” phone cover. So why do I dislike this cover?

It hurts! It has nothing to do with the company that sold it to me, the phone cover was exactly what it said, looks like it and everything. but one thing I did not take into account was the little diamond pieces being on the part where you put your ear. After more then a 20-30 second phone call, I hate how it feels. My ear actually hurts after a few days of using it. So it may be pretty, but I am taking it off today. I just bought a 4-pack of non bling phone covers. They have some pretty designs on them too but no bling.

Another problem with the bling phone cover is that if you want to fit it in a pocket, forget it…especially in jeans, it is just to bulky. Not as big a deal as I usually carry my purse but it is a nice option.

So there you have it. If you have ever considered getting a phone cover like this, just make sure you can talk hands free in your car or blue tooth head peace. I will keep the cover so if I ever get a blue tooth again I can talk via that and then the cover won’t hurt the ear.

I would love a blingy diamond cover that only has it on the back. Anyone see these?

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  1. Terry says:

    I see on TV the Real Housewives use these. I didn’t think about them hurting your ear. Good to know!!

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