Can we say “BUCKET” of Fries?!!!!

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I was at a local celebration for the US air force and of course there were a bunch of “carnival” food stands there. I ran across TONS of people holding these buckets of fries.

I was trying to get my own picture of this but it was dark and all I had was my cell phone. I just walked around with my jaw dropped to the floor, wondering “what the heck will be next a wheel barrow of fries?!”
This did not look good to me at all and I used to be a fries fanatic, way back when I was young.

When people seem to be shocked and wonder how the obese epidemic has gotten so bad in the United States, maybe they need to venture into some sort of festival or public gathering for a day, and they will see. I can’t believe that parents were actually buying these for their children. They were EVERYWHERE! I was so sicked out watching people eat these, I had to quit looking. It was like I could hear all the arteries screaming “NO” all at once in my head, as I watched people devour these buckets of fries.

I will never buy my kids or myself one of these artery cloggers, no thanks!

Peace, love and HEALTH!


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2 Responses to Can we say “BUCKET” of Fries?!!!!

  1. Chelle says:

    I love Mc'D's fries better than any other fries. But even so, I don't think I could handle a WHOLE bucket of them!

  2. LiveLifeSimple says:

    I could not agree w/you more. I don't understand it. Everything is SUPERSIZE and that seems to be the new norm. The latest report is that there are 347 million people worldwide that are now diabetic.

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