Cleaning and Clearing is the” KEY” but difficult! I CAN DO IT!

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If you are a active reader of my blog you will now that I contribute most of my success to one mane..Joe Vitale. He was in the Secret Documentary and it was his DVD set that really inspired me to make my changes. If you are new here then please checkout past posts about him.

Joe talks about a cleaning and clearing step that helps us focus on what we want and if can get the doubt out then we will get what we want.

Doubt is a very hard thing to overcome and probably my hardest. I have been doing this for awhile and as you know i have not received everything I want yet, so I am still a work in progress.

The awesome thing is that I have shown time and time again that he law of attraction does work but I still doubt myself. Why do we let ourselves doubt so much?!

Joe says that clearing interference will block you with in yourself and this causes you to be unclear. An example he uses is if you can say something like “What I want is on its way to me, it just has not arrived yet, without hesitation and doubt then you are not unconsciously block and you are clear to get what you want.

Wow, this is so true.

How many times do we say things like “I will make it big some day,” and in the same breath, we say “well that is wishful thinking isn’t it?” So we get the point for a minute when we say what we want and then immediately we block it. So of course it will not come true.

This is something I argue with my husband about a lot. He is constantly saying “we will never have money or a bigger house again.” I keep saying “if you say it like that then we won’t, quit being negative!” He has gotten better. The hardest part about it is that when people around us are constantly saying negative things, even when we are trying to stay positive, it can waterfall into our head, and it makes this whole positive thinking journey that much harder.

I encourage all of you, including myself, to clear the negative out and make those around you clear it out too. Let’ all get what we want out of life OK!!

Have a great day everyone!


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