Do you watch TV episodes online?

I hope you will share!

Here is a random thought today.

So I watch some TV episodes online because we do not have cable, DISH etc or a DVR so there are a handful of things I like to watch online.

When you choose to watch something online you have the option of watching it in the normal Internet window or you can make it full screen. Full screen is definitely the better choice.
For some reason ABC thinks they need to flip it from full screen to the regular screen during commercials and every time the commercial is over you have to take the mouse and click full screen again.

So why do I blog about this…well…we have out computer hooked up to our big screen TV so this drives me nuts! I may be sitting with my kids, cuddling etc and I have to move myself to adjust it to full screen. Now there are other stations that do not do this and I really appreciate it. One of them is NBC. If I chose full screen from the beginning with NBC then it stays there the whole stinking time. ABC I love you but get a clue please!

K, thanks for listening today. I know this is really not a big deal but it does bug me and I had to share!!


I LUV Sharing!

10 thoughts on “Do you watch TV episodes online?

  1. I am annoyed when it is late, my family is sleeping, I am watching tv and I set the volume just low enough to not wake the house but then when the commercials come on they crank up the volume so I have to hurry and mute it. Annoying. I am following you from Super Stalker Saturday!

  2. Thanks for following, now following back! I look forward to reading more from your blogs. 🙂

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    Bella Vida by Letty

    I haven't watched tv episodes but I watch movies and music videos all the time. I just connect my laptop to the tv each time not a permanent connection.

  4. Oh I can understand your pain. By any chance though, do you have a wireless keyboard? That's what my husband bought so that we can sit with it on the couch and click away when needed w/out having to stand. But then again, the clicking is still there, right? Oh well…we just have to think of the money we save by going this route 🙂

    I found you through the blog hop on the Adventures of J-Man. See you around and have a good weekend!

  5. Interesting how your blog is laid out with teasers…I like it!

    I can't wait to click on the read mores (though I have to get to bed now…1 a.m. here). I'm here from SSS and I hope to see you over at Tales of an Unlikely Mother, too!

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  7. I can see how that can be annoying. We don't have cable either. Sometimes I like full screen. Especially if its a tv show. Youtube etc doesn't matter.

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