Creating your Word Press blog before domain transfer

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So I bought the and three months later I was ready to transfer my domain over to host monster and with the word press plug-in. I, of course, wanted to create my blog first so I had somewhere to import my blogger posts.

Now if you understand about temporary domains, all the lingo was in my hosting company, then you can do it that way, with a temporary domain. This is how I did it because I am not computer savvy.

Domains are only $10 a year so the initial buy of the .com was not so bad. I decided that the best choice, for me, was to by my domain name in .net or .org or anything that was available. If I was not going to be able to find it with another dot? I was just going to buy any random domain because it only takes a minute to change it.

.net was available so I bought and then I spend a week watching YouTube and visiting the Word Press help blog. I searched for a FREE theme on my .net domain and just simply played around with it. YouTube is completely full of information on how to build your word press web site. Again, I am not computer savvy so if I can do this anyone can.

After about a week it was time to import my blog posts from blogger. There is a help sidebar on your word press dash board and it is labeled “tools” There you will find and import and export option. When you click on import and choose the option to import from blogger it tells you which FREE plug in to install in order to do so. It took me about 5 minutes to install it and grant permission for word press to retrieve my blogger posts AND import. It was EASY! Don’t let those companies charge you an arm and a leg to import y our posts. They will quote yo more money for more posts. I had over 400 on one blog and it took 3 minutes to import!

After that then I requested that my blogger domain be transferred to my new hosting service. It took about 3 minutes or less to request and 7 days for it to happen. My next post will be about the transfer process!

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  1. I know you don’t think you are computer saavy… but I do! I am happy all went well.

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