Fighting the urge to start bad habits again

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This past week has been HORRIBLE! I cried for 4 days straight and finally got some relief yesterday as I decided I need to leave the house and go take my mind off things and visit friends in KY. It did help a lot.

On top of being upset with my husband for a few days my Grandma has been and is still in the hospital because of heart problems. So far she is still here, but things are not looking too good. I absolutely love my Grandma, she is one of my favorite people ever and this has been really hard.

I have not been sleeping or eating well and this has made me tired and every time I tried to work out I would puke, literally.

I am feeling fat and nasty again and I keep going back in my mind “go get some diet pills.” I use to do this all the time in the past and I would stop eating and take diet pills. I got sick so many times and it really does mess with my moods but I would lose a bit of weight so I would go on them til I got sick them go off of them.

I guess I am just looking for any control this week and I know that this is not control but for a few days it felt like the only control I could get.

I did get a 50 minute work-out in today and I am hoping things get better this week and this too shall pass. Right? AHHHHH!

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2 Responses to Fighting the urge to start bad habits again

  1. tawna6988 says:

    Absolutely girl!

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    OH my gosh, story of my life. Damn those bad habits. I think it's okay to have an off day or two, sometimes hormones just get the best of you.

    I think a girls' weekend is a great idea. 50 minutes – Awesome workout!

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