Finally organizing and it’s helped my mood, big time!

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Isn’t that a lovely picture of our lovely garage? We downsized a year and a half ago and our little one car garage is a storage unit and just bugs me, well bugged me!

We really want to move, out of state, and to a bigger house. The problem is that the un-organization was/is killing any positive vibes we want from the universe to help us in this process.

I have been reading a lot books and one thing they have in common is that they say, “if you want to move out of your situation, you have to take care of the one that you are in.”We were not dong this. We were not doing this, in fact we were doing the exact opposite. Instead of making this house, “our home” and embracing the fact that it IS a place to live, we complained over and over that it is not where we want to be. This is how the clutter would get semi cleaned up and then messed up over and over. It got to the point that we just let the negative bring us down. So do we deserve better if we are not treating what we have better? My opinion is NO.

This was not the only clutter. I also let the basement, shelves all over the house, and fireplace mantel, be dropping zones for everything and everything. I would keep the floors and furniture picked up but everywhere you looked…clutter! This made me depressed every time I looked at it.

So this weekend was the end of a not so fun week. If you missed those couple posts they are the previous two. I decided to quit whining and take care of my house. It is my house and even if it is not my dream house, I was/am tired of all the negativity i have let into this house. So, I cleaned for 3 days. You  know what? It was not even that bad. As soon as I felt like I was accomplishing something, I quit feeling sorry for myself and I gave the positive law of attraction room to move in. This is how my garage looks now.

So now my challenge is to keep the clutter and negativity out. We knew when we moved into this house that the garage would be a storage area, but it does need to be organized. We need to be able to walk in it.

Now when you walk through my house, the shelves and entertainments center, and mantel actually look organized and “homey.” This house is a home because WE are in it. It is not about stuff but about us being a loving family. Feeling sorry for yourself is not healthy and places you in victim mode. Making yourself a victim over and over does nothing but bring you down.

We could not have a house or a loving family…wouldn’t that be worse then this small old house?

I hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


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