Is this really negative energy…Not sure it is?!

I hope you will share!

So I have learned that being mad and pissed off all the time really only brings in negative energy and makes for a miserable person as this has been proven to me time and time again when I get this way,  but I wonder if it can also bring you positive energy.

The reason why I ask is because there have been times that I have gotten mad and spiteful but it made me want to prove the negativity wrong. Here is what I mean.Someone once told me…”you will never finish College.” I got mad and I finished. Actually have a Masters degree now. Someone said to me once…”You can’t do XXX yourself.” Guess what? Every time I do what they say I can’t.

So I am not really getting mad and blaming, but rather getting mad and thinking…”I will show you pal!”

So this is, in my opinion, is an example where getting a little bit mad really is a positive thing. Oh and the key…not holding a grudge on the person/people that tell you you can’t. That will turn negative. Showing them they are wrong and then “getting over it” is the key.

I like proving people wrong. Not all the time but when I am told, by others, I have limitations…watch out! I will show you..rub your face in it for just a few minutes…then get over it and move on!

Now off for the day!

Have a positively positive day and show everyone what UR worth because UR worth it!

Quit making excuses and letting others tell you what UR worth, makes you strong!

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