My little boy is so old today:(

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fireman s hirtWow…where does the time go. My little Monkey is only 4-years old but today you would have thought he was a teenager.

He always wants me to help him go to the bathroom, get dressed, give him a bath, and be with him 24/7 and watch him play…well til today:)

Today, within 10-minutes I got these two sentences said to me:

“Mom, would you leave me alone now, I want to be by myself?” Then he played for over an hour by himself in his room.

“Mom would you not watch me pee and close the door when you leave?” This is from the munchkin that usually won’t let me pee by myself. Usually he begs me to come in with him…not today.

Wow…my 4-year old is gaining some independence. That is good but have to say it does break my heart. He is the last one…now what? I guess I will start getting a lot more done int he house but again…it is kind of sad:(

Love you little Monkey…no matter how old you get you WILL always be my little boy who needs me damn it!!! LOL

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  1. Silvia says:

    Aww, that is adorable and understandably heartbreaking at the same time!

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