My little boy is so old today:(

fireman s hirtWow…where does the time go. My little Monkey is only 4-years old but today you would have thought he was a teenager.

He always wants me to help him go to the bathroom, get dressed, give him a bath, and be with him 24/7 and watch him play…well til today:) Continue reading

WTFriday…Yelling at kids to fight?!!

UntitledI have recently dropped my FitWorks gym membership and started doing my workouts at the local YMCA. Not that I did not like FitWorks, it just made more sense since the kiddos are starting to do a lot of sports at the Y. They offer discounts for members so in the long run it is cheaper.

OK so I took the kids into the mat room after my workout a couple weeks ago. It is a fun room full of all different sizes and types of mats for the kids to build things, jump in, or whatever. The whole floor is covered with a mat too so they can have a lot of fun and not get too hurt, if they get hurt at all. Continue reading

Is the Disney Hopper Pass worth it?

We took our kids to Disney World in April and we bought a 5-day hopper pass for each one of us. The nice thing about Disney is that once you hit day 3 the prices for each day drop a ton. I think we paid around $7 or $8 for each additional day after day 3. The thing that I have to wonder is if the added hopper option was worth it. I think it was for the last day but a waste of money for the first 4. Continue reading

Will I ever get to pee by myself again?!!!

Growing up I always wondered why my Mother would constantly shower and pee with the bathroom door open. I was always “Mom, shut the door geez!”

Now that I am a Mom I have actually had to call my Mother and tell her I am sorry and that I now understand why she did it…out of habit. Not a habit that she did not care about privacy but out of habit…well…because she had a family.

I have now become my Mother…here is why. Continue reading

Keep ur 2-year-old busy for hours!

My 2-year-old requires a lot of attention right now and it is hard to keep him busy for long. If the TV is on 24/7 that helps but I just am not going to give into 24/7 and phone and computer games.

We have had a piggy bank for him for awhile, well since he was born, but yesterday we opened a business account and the bank gave us 2 piggy banks for the kids, when we left. They both were very excited when we brought them home.

Today I was needing some time to get things done and my son found a “big penny” on the floor  (yes I know it’s a quarter, but who am I to argue with a 2-year-old) and he wanted to put it in his piggy bank. Continue reading

Best babysitter ever!

The best babysitter for my very moody two-year old is not a human being. It is not the TV, nor any of his toys. The best babysitter ever is something I cannot go out and buy for a few bucks at the store.

My son has been going through his terrible two’s lately and he has been a little tougher to deal with. His attention span is at a negative on most days, and he is really starting to show his independence. Continue reading

Shhhh…don’t tell her!

It is getting so close that I am having a hard time sleeping! Yes I am a kid at heart. What is getting close…DISNEY WORLD! We are surprising my 5 year-old-daughter with a Disney World trip!!! Of course we are taking our 2 1/2 year old son too but he won’t remember it. We are excited to see his reaction as well, but especially excited to see my daughter’s as she WILL remember it!

We are telling her that we are going to the Beach. We have been playing it up for a few weeks now. My husband and I have been messing with her and talking to her about the beach and she wants to go so bad.

So this is how it is going to play out. Continue reading

Inexpensive craft time with my kids

I went to KMart the other day to look around and found these really fun Christmas ceramics you can paint.

They were on sale for really cheap, around $5 each, so I decided to get a couple for my kids.

I got each of them one and bought them home and they were soooooo excited! Continue reading

Christmas cookie tradition and bonding with my kids!

I grew up making Christmas cookies with my Mom and then taught my daughter how to make them and now it is my son’s turn to learn.

I love making these holiday cookies as it is a great way to bond with the kids, and they LOVE it!

I have to take advantage while they are young, as someday they may not want to make cookies with Mom so I have to cherish every holiday season they will do it.

How cute are they? Continue reading