My work outs are changing up for a week…

I hope you will share!

Well since I have to be totally packed in 6 days my work outs are changing drastically today and for the next 6 days. I won’t be doing much of anything except packing and stacking boxes for the next week. I think I literally ran up and down our stairs 15-20 times today so that should do me some good.

I leave next Tuesday which is just over a week away but I need to be totally packed by Sunday night or Monday which is pretty much a week from today. We have 60 days to be out of our house but in a week I will be gone for 6 weeks so as you can see there is no time for me to be doing anything but moving. I guess I better quit blogging and get back to packing.

My biggest hang up this week is going to be food. Who wants to grocery shop and cook when you have to pack your kitchen and it takes time to cook. I actually have had pizza twice in 2 days and my stomach is very much not pleased with me right now. I can’t do that anymore. I need to figure out how to eat healthy without stocking my kitchen and leaving a bunch of food to go bad while my husband moves us while we are gone.

My friend Margaret is bringing us an awesome dinner over tomorrow so that will definitely help. I guess reality is that I need to try and fit some more exercise in my schedule somewhere this week but not sure where.

Here we go!!!

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I LUV Sharing!

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