Pure Liquid Clear Stevia Review

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A while ago I got a huge box of NuStevia products in the mail from NuNaturals.com.

I used to use a lot of sweeteners in my coffee and other beverages and really wanted to try the NuStevia product. I did notice that some of the other sweeteners I was using would leave kind of a “bitter” taste, but the NuStevia does not seem to have that same bitter taste.

I started using it a couple months ago in my coffee. This Pure Liquid Clear Stevie is awesome. It has last me just over two months, and I still have some in he bottle. I use it everymorning in two cups of coffee.

You only have to use a few drops to make it sweet. I don’t like overly sweet coffee. It seems the older I get the less sweet I like it. I used to  drown my coffee in creamers and sugar and now I use skim milk and about 6-7 drops of this NuStevia pure liquid and I am good. Sometimes I get a drip on my finger and later touch my mouth and man that is sweet! Not a bad sweet but that one little drop on my finger is pretty darn sweet.

NuStevia at NuNaturals.com has a ton of products. I have a few flavored liquid Stevias I have not tried yet and a big barrel of a powder used for baking. I think I will try that at Christmas time since that seems to be the baking season.

All-in-all I love this Pure Liquid Stevia. I believe it is around $11-$12 a bottle and so far we are running on just over 2 months of use, with more use in it. Definitely worth the $5-$6 a month for my coffee sweetener.

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Check out all the NuStevia products if you would like here. Also I have linked the picture to the web site as well.

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