Beautiful and Affordable Prom Dresses!

6b2b264b5d8538d08ffab12a45a8cb39When I think of prom, I think of the 80’s. I envision Madonna lace, big bows, and taffeta galore! Ha ha I know that is funny and really ages me but, in the 80’s that is what prom was. I was flipping through my old year books and chuckling at our formal dance wear because well…it’s funny.

Then my daughter and I started to search for pretty dresses. She is 7 so of course she LOVES dresses. We were searching on JenJenHouse and we were on that page for an hour or better. Boy have the prom dresses ever changed! They are beautiful! I will share a few pics with you and all you 80’s children out there will probably wish you were prom age, now, like I am wishing…lol

OK so here is my absolute favorite! Continue reading

Ugh…should have bought Jenga!

Jenga Classic GameThere are a lot of times where buying off brands is fine. I actually do this quite a bit to save some cash. Every once in a while it bites you in the butt and this Christmas it did.

My family is into watching the Family Game night show and my kids wanted those games that they played for Christmas.  I went on a venture for games that were not terribly expensive.

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Bellapulse Complete Cleansing System Review AND Giveaway!

Bellapulse systemout of boxI got another amazing product from SkinPro this week! It seems that skin care systems are all the rage right now and SkinPro has launched their new Bellapulse Advance Pulsar Technology skin care system.


Look for the giveaway rafflecopter entry form after my review…sweet!

I have used other skin care systems in the past and some I liked and some I didn’t use after the first few days. This Bellapulse system is rather cool! Continue reading

Quality Liquid Oxygen at an affordable price!

Liquid oxygenI had heard all the Liquid Oxygen hype for awhile before I decided to try it. I also found a ton of companies that sell the product on-line and wanted to try one that was not so cheap that I knew it was a crock-of-bull, but also did not want to spend an arm and a leg to try it too.

I ran across A-ZNutrients and found their prices to be pretty competitive so I gave them a try and I LOVE their liquid oxygen! I invested in a 3-pack they sell (less than $14 per bottle and free shipping) after buying the 1-pack (about $18 per bottle) because it was a lot cheaper. If you want to check out the liquid oxygen prices I have linked it here.  Continue reading

ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Package resized and cropped

I am very excited as I have had the opportunity to Review this product from Toilet Tree. It is the Professional Skin Care System. They are also giving one away to one of my readers! Want to know about it…good thing because I have reviewed it. Want to enter to win? Well at the bottom of this post will be a rafflecopter form for entries.

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So tired of Dr. Oz and Hollywood selling us stuff!


Remember when Dr. Oz first started his show; he would not promote any third party product. I heard him many times say he did not believe in promoting health products for companies. Now over the past year, it least, maybe longer than that, all I get is e-mails, calls, and advertisements everywhere about what Dr. Oz is promoting.

Green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia and some wrinkle cream. This is just what I have heard about lately, I think there was also some Raspberry tablet a year or two back as well.

I am finding Facebook ads, Google ads, you name it and frankly I am tired of it! Continue reading

Cartoon Soap Operas for KIDS…WTFriday??!!!

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

I haven’t posted for a long time. I have been down with the nasty head cold, flu and then bronchitis, for just about a month now. Good lord it has been nasty. I have spent a lot of down time watching TV by myself and with the kiddos during my sickness and I have to say that I am NOT loving the cartoons these days.

I used to love cartoons when I was a kid but now I feel like I need to monitor the cartoon channel before I let my kids watch them. There are three different shows that come to question over the past month. Continue reading

Workouts 13-24.

UntitledI have not been taking breaks on my workouts I just have not had a lot of time to sit down and write a post for each for awhile. Comes with the territory of parenthood I guess.

So to keep you and me up-to-date, this post will be a quick rundown of the last few workouts with a description on whether or not I like it or not:) Yes I have workouts I don’t love.  Here goes! Continue reading

The best pill holders I have found!

Anyone that knows me knows that I take supplements every day. It would be wrong of me to say, or for most to say, that they get 100% of their nutrition in their daily food. It is hard to do, especially in a fast pace, impatient world. It can be done, but how many people do you know that actually do it? I will share those supplements with you but first I want to share these awesome pill holders I found on Amazon. Since I take more then most people I was not able to find anyone local that had a container big enough for all my vitamins. The picture to the right shows the pill boxes I use…they are sweet and have so many conveniences! IMAG0764The “B” and the “T” on the boxes are written on there by me. Both me and the hubs use them so I needed to have them labeled.

Not only do they fit all my pills, with room to spare, Continue reading

Mine and ny husbands daily supplements

UntitledI have said it before and I will say it again…it is hard to eat 100% of your nutrition every day. Yes it can be done and few, very few actually do it. I try real hard to eat healthy and incorporate a healthy lifestyle to my kids but I still come up short of MOST my essential nutrients every day. So I take daily supplements. I don’t soley depend on supplements. That is something that some companies try to get you to think when they are pushing you to buy their product. Supplements work in “conjunction” with a healthy diet. If you strive for good/better health, then you have to do it all. You have to eat right, exercise a bit, and find your missing nutrition and fill it in with something healthy. Continue reading