Shhhh…don’t tell her!

I hope you will share!

It is getting so close that I am having a hard time sleeping! Yes I am a kid at heart. What is getting close…DISNEY WORLD! We are surprising my 5 year-old-daughter with a Disney World trip!!! Of course we are taking our 2 1/2 year old son too but he won’t remember it. We are excited to see his reaction as well, but especially excited to see my daughter’s as she WILL remember it!

We are telling her that we are going to the Beach. We have been playing it up for a few weeks now. My husband and I have been messing with her and talking to her about the beach and she wants to go so bad.

So this is how it is going to play out.  We are picking her  up from school and literally leaving right from there. We have bought new small backpacks, swimsuits, water shoes, and towels (all Disney) and we are going to give it to her at school and tell her we are heading to the beach. She won’t be suspicious of it all being Disney as we buy a lot of Disney in our house already.

We are hoping to make it all the way to FL and our hotel room without her catching on. We are hoping to surprise her with magic kingdom the next day and she is scheduled for a princess makeover ON HER 6th BIRTHDAY! How cool is that?

We will have the video camera going constantly and the still camera. Both  my husband and I are excited, but I am ridiculously excited.

We are Disney fanatics…we went on our honeymoon there.

Have any of you surprised your kids with a Disney trip? I see it on America’s Funniest Home Videos all the time. It is almost here!!!

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I LUV Sharing!

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  1. Swati says:

    that’s so sweeeeeeeeet!!! have a blast 🙂

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